Lil Wayne Launches SPECTRE By SUPRA Sneakers With Half-Pipe And An Autograph Tattoo

Lil Wayne at his SPECTRE by Supra sneaker launch.
Photo: Getty Images

We’ve been chronicling the growth of Lil Wayne’s shoe collaboration with SUPRA sneakers from the first rumored mumblings of a partnership to the brand confirmation and grand reveal of the first protoypes at Project MAGIC last summer. Now, we’re just a few short days until the May 18 launch of SPECTRE by SUPRA (the official name of Wayne’s collaborative sneaker line) and the introduction of Weezy’s “Chimera” kicks to the masses. Wayne and a hefty YMCMB contingent celebrated the impending launch with a major Miami event replete with a half-pipe and—erm—tattoos!

Lil Wayne tattooing his autograph on a fan at his SPECTRE by Supra sneaker launch.
Photo: Getty Images

Yep, along with illustrating the skate capabilities of his new shoes (the Chimera is outfitted with an extra-padded tongue for board work) Lil Wayne also tatted up one of his fellow launch celebrants (BJ Betts who was inking up other attendees throughout the night) with a PERMANENT autograph. Talk about die-hard fandom! On top of all that, Weezy announced that skater Chaz Ortiz will be riding for SPECTRE. Wowowow reveals on reveals on reveals! Will you be rocking SPECTRE by SUPRA sneakers soon?


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