We Want This Tiny Air Yeezy 2 Sneaker Necklace

A necklace with a tiny Air Yeezy 2 sneaker pendant.
Photo: Courtesy of MERYSTACHE’s Etsy Shop

It’s okay to be rubbing your eyes, double-taking at your computer screen right now. Squinting and general disbelief are all natural reactions to this jaw-droppingly accurate miniature replica of Kanye West’s smash sneaker release of last summer: the Air Yeezy 2. From the moment we first spotted this lilliputian kick pendant (hat tip to our friends at Four Pins for the look), we knew we had to have it. Not just because of the novelty of having a tiny Yeezy shoe hanging from your neck (but definitely that, too), but ALSO because the attention to detail here is seeeeeriously amazing. The ridged heel? The contrast inner? The glow-in-the-dark sole? THE SNAKESKIN PANEL WITH THE EMBOSSED SWOOSH? Way to keep it one hundred, MERYSTACHE (the Etsy retailer/genius behind the sneakerhead bauble). Nailed it. And the best part is: there are MORE.

A necklace with a tiny Jordan Retro 1 sneaker pendant.
Photo: Courtesy of MERYSTACHE’s Etsy Shop

Yep. It’s not just Mr. June Eighteen’s shoes that get the Honey I Shrunk The Kids! treatment. MERYSTACHE, whose real name we think is Berrada Merys and is also from Paris, has made mini versions of Jordan Retro 1s, low top Dunks, Air Force 1s and EVEN the elusive Back to the Future Marty McFly Nike Air Mags. Considering how much the OG sneakers cost, these teeny replicas are pretty affordable! Well, more affordable, at least. And deffffinitely cheaper than that $90,300 Air Yeezy 2 shirt. PHEW! What do you think? Would you cop one of these itsy bitsy sneaker necklaces? Which one?

{Four Pins}

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