Channel Your Punk Spirit With These Amazing Safety Pin-Inspired Pieces

Our punky safety pin picks.
Photo: Nasty Gal/Shopbop/Moda Operandi

With The Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum rapidly approaching, there's one word on every fashion obsessed girl's mind: Punk. With the "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" exhibition dictating the evening's theme, we have all things downtown running through our heads, like Doc Marten-clad wild horses. One of the most iconic signifiers of punk, along with the mohawk and the stud, is of course the safety pin. Versatile, cheap, but chic? Absolutely. Now, we're not talking using actual safety pins as earrings (although we totally knew kids who did that in high school) or going as majorly high fashion as Kristen Stewart's 2011 MTV Movie Awards Balmain frock, which was positively COVERED in the things, which we absolutely loved, but is a little, er, impractical for everyday wear. We're just talking about how to add a little bit of a punk rock touch to your everyday look, and lucky for us, the options were plentiful.

There's something so sneakily luxe about a piece as ordinary as a safety pin fashioned in gold. Tom Binns' safety pin jewelry has us all aflutter, and we could TOTALLY see ourselves wearing this safety pin necklace ($154.00) every single day. For a slightly more occasion version of the safety pin necklace, look no further than Nasty Gal's version ($21.00). The tiered, heavy looking piece could add that element of punk to just about anything, from jeans and a t-shirt to a more dressed up look. Also from Nasty Gal, the safety pin leather belt ($25.00) is a more whimsical way to add a pin to your look, with an oversize gold fastener serving as the beltbuckle. If it's a whole dress you're looking for, Juicy Couture does safety pin simply with their pitch black studded pin dress ($150.00). It's not quite Balmain, but it's pretty rad, if we do say so ourselves. Finally, we just HAVE to mention these New York Adorned x MO Met Ball temporary Tattoos ($95.00) for two reasons. The first is that we think the idea of wearing a safety pin temp tat is kiiiiind of hilarious. The second is that $95 for temporary tattoos is CRAZY! That is all.

What are your fave punk-inspired pieces?

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