Beyonce Opens The Mrs. Carter Show Online Store

Beyonce online store

Beyonce's The Mrs. Carter Show online store is AWESOME.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce's online store

Waiting for Beyonce's The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to make its way to your town? Yea, us, too. The good news is: King Bey is a benevolent ruler. This morning, while running through our regular routine of checking Instagram, Twitter, and Beyonce's website, we discovered that Bey had opened *drumrolllll* THE MRS. CARTER SHOW ONLINE STORE, giving her fans a chance to have a permanent piece of the tour no matter when it hits their cities! Aakldf;galkj. Major. It's not a typical thing for us to flip out over official merchandise (we usually prefer Stan Swag of a more unexpected variety), but The Mrs. Carter Show stock is worth getting excited about because it's actually really, REALLY awesome.

From black-and-white tees with Bey's cigar smoking mug plastered across the bottom ($54.00) to tank tops featuring Bey's official opulent Mrs. Carter visage ($44.99), this shop is full of merch that, while it very explicitly screams "BEYHIVE!!!!" (save a few tonal pieces that are really just classics), is totally wearable and stylish. Take this kaleidoscope sublimation print tee ($54.99) for example. That symmetrical mirrored print? Right on trend. But we'd expect nothing less of a woman who has her own clothing line and is swaddled in creations from eight designers (and counting!) for her international tour. Will you be copping something from Beyonce's The Mrs. Carter Show online store? Which piece is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!

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