Katy Perry Launches Third Fragrance: Killer Queen

Katy Perry

Katy Perry and a giant bottle of her Killer Queen fragrance.
Photo: Getty Images

ZOMG, Y'ALL. Just when we thought Katy Perry was all tied up in makin' music and drinking Red Bulls with Sia in the studio, she drops a maaaaajor morsel of news concerning her style empire. After taking a year or so to focus her beauty endeavors on false eyelashes, Katy will be coming out with a brand new FRAGRANCE! The pop powerhouse teased the announcement last night via Twitter with a photo of the bottle in some sort of scepter situation with the accompanying caption: "OK! I have been working on my 3rd fragrance for over a year & want to unveil the look NOW! What do u think?!" Ummm, do you even have to ask?? WE. LOVE. IT. Granted, we haven't actually smelled it yet, but judging from KP's past work, we're confident she won't disappoint.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry wears Thom Browne and incredible nail art for Killer Queen fragrance launch.
Photo: Getty Images//Courtesy of @KatyPerry's Twitter

Katy held a fragrance launch in New York almost immediately after that tweet (wearing Thom Browne and a seriously ill mani BTW), and while we know now that the new perfume is called Killer Queen (presumably after the iconic Queen song), but a scent palette for the newest addition to her perfume family has yet to be released. Perhaps her past work and our extensive experience with celebrity fragrance collections can help us make an educated guess. The first perfume Katy released waaaaay back in 2010 *wags shriveled Crypt Keeper finger at you* was a full-bodied, sweet, and fruity scent called Purr. That later got it's own "little sister" in Katy's own words in a lighter, more powdery vanilla perfume called Meow. Both fragrances came in shades of purple—Purr in royal and Meow in lilac—and were shaped like cats (duhhhhhh). THIS photo definitely takes things in a different direction.

While there's nothing markedly feline about this bottle, it's still very early, and perhaps Katy won't stray too far from the theme (you know how she loves those). Maybe this third fragrance will take her from house cat to jungle cat—the warm red and gold offering up a nod to lionesses (the queens of the jungle) and feminine strength. *privately sulks that Katy didn't decide to call it Roar!!!* As far as how this will actually smell, we're envisioning something weightier and even a little spicy. In a toasted cinnamon kind of way. A perfect signature scent for summer nights. What do YOU think Katy Perry has in store for her third fragrance?

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