Rihanna 'Stan Swag': Shine Bright Like A Diamond With Rad RiRi Merch

Rihanna in Chanel and the collection of swag I keep at my desk.
Photo: Getty/MTV Style

I have a very special relationship with Rihanna merch. First of all, it only seems fair that I tell you that as I write this post I'm wearing a pair of white Skullcandy headphones branded with Rihanna's Unapologetic artwork, and when I write our publishing lineup in the morning, it's in a notebook emblazoned with the same 'R,' all courtesy of the swag bag I got when Mary H.K. Choi and I were imprisoned on a plane with a bunch of lunatics flown around the world by the nice people at Island Def Jam. I also own a pair of socks with Rihanna's face on them. Basically, if you looked at me right now, you would think I was a major Rihanna stan, and even, maybe, a bit of a creep. But I think I've earned my stripes as a bona-fide member of the Rihanna Navy on the 777 Tour, so whatever haters, dress me up in overall crop tops and RiRi Woo, because I'm about it. As the release of the 777 Tour documentary—also known as the moment you get to see certain MTV Style contributors sleeping with their mouths open on national television—inches ever closer (it airs on Fox, Monday May 6th, lord help us all), and Mary and I prepare to attend Rihanna's Diamonds tour at Barclay's Center, I feel like I need to share some of my Rihanna swag knowledge with you, Internet. Because you're going to want to show your RiRi pride while you're hip-thrusting along to "Phresh Out The Runway" and sobbing to "Stay," trust.

All the Rihanna swag you could ever need.
Photo: Etsy/EBay/Topshop/Society6

While your most important pieces of swag are those tickets getting you through the door, there are certainly some other items you can rock that will make it clear that you're a true fan, but one with taste. Rihanna is all about mixing street and chic, high and low, and so your RiRi tour look should reflect that. This is no time for tour tees, although those are good too. We're talking serious swag. First of all, you gotta have a hat. While Ri might be partial to this Boy London topper, we're fans of this considerably less subtle "Rihanna" snap back ($19.99), especially paired with the equally stan-ny take on the high school grad ring, featuring the signature 'R' artwork ($58.00). While we're talkin' hands, you also need to get your hands on some Rihanna nail art, like these VERY detailed nail decals (£1.99). You're also going to want to take a lot of photos, so a Rihanna Loud Portrait iPhone case ($35.00) is totally necessary. You're almost all set, but you know, there might be some down time, so you should probably also pack a set of Rihanna paper dolls (£7.50), because, you never know. And there you have it. Now you're ready to tuck your Rihanna socks into your sneaker wedges, put on some Chanel (inspired) sunnies and head to the Diamonds tour!

What's your most essential piece of Rihanna swag?

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