Would You Give Your Dog A Temporary Tattoo?

Jorge Bendersky applying a “U.S.A.” tattoo to Hubbell the chihuahua.
Photo: Jorge Bendersky

I guess the more appropriate way to start this conversation is by letting you know that temporary tattoos for dogs do, in fact, exist. Yes, friends, the practice of ephemerally branding yourself with butterflies and hearts and stars is no longer limited to humans. Welcome into the fold, canines! And extend your paws to shake the hands of Jorge Bendersky, the New York-based dog groomer stylist who is largely responsible for setting this trend ablaze thanks to a high-profile Upper East Side clientele. And yes, according to DNAinfo.com, temporary tattoos for dogs ARE trending, extending to far-reaching exotic locations like Australia, Poland, and *achem* Iowa.

Hubbell the chichuahua with a peace sign tattoo.
Photo: Jorge Bendersky

If you’re still scratching your head then, welp, you’re a hater. *dramatically pushes away from desk, spins around on swivel chair princess-waving* JK, that’s a natural knee-jerk reaction. And honestly, that’s what I thought initially, too, upon first glance of these pictures of French bulldogs with glitter roses on their butts (P.S. Also, red nails) and Jack Russells with ’90s brand “tribal” tramp stamps. But riddle me this: how is doggie body ink (especially the temporary kind!) any more crazy than any of the other means of pet anthropomorphism?

Full disclosure, the only pet I’ve ever owned in my life was a goldfish which passed away after one week in my care (R.I.P. Cleo), but HAI, is this not kinda sorta completely the same thing as dressing your pet up for holidays? Sparkly peace sign vs. Santa costume replete with ivory beard? Are these not the same? Is there something I don’t get here? Would you give your dog a temporary tattoo? And while we’re inundating you with questions, what do you think is the next frontier in canine ink? Doggie lip tatts? Coachella-ready canines? I AM SO CURIOUS.

{via DNAinfo.com}

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