Cara Delevingne Covers Inaugural Issue Of Miss 'Vogue' In Custom Topshop

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne is Miss 'Vogue''s first cover girl!
Photo: Via British 'Vogue'

The secret's out, y'all! British Vogue officially has a cool little sister in the newly-launched Miss Vogue magazine. And let's be honest—who better to front the glossy's debut issue than Cara Delevingne? After some Twitter teasers this week about the mystery cover girl, today is the day we can finally feast our eyes on Cara in ALL her pretty, pink glory. The notorious industry goofball, onesie queen, and 2012's Model of the Year is smiling wide in bold red lipstick and dressed in a custom Topshop Unique ensemble. The 20-year-old has been a longtime favorite of the U.K. retail giant, walking in the Fall/Winter runway show as well as being a key player in the brand's tech-savvy catwalk production. While Topshop's boundary-pushing goods are nothing new, here Cara's throwing back to the ultimate middle school style trick by layering her sequined cami over the basic gray crewneck (remember those days?!).

Paired with a matching sequined skirt and showing off a sliver of tummy, this cover is fresh, cool, and totally fun. In other words, sort of like Cara herself? The mag might come packaged alongside the June issue of "big" British Vogue, but as editor Alexandra Shulman notes, "As with the mother magazine, the fashion is meant to inspire even if you're a bit short on cash." There's no doubt about that! The issue marks the first time British Vogue has catered to younger readers, and judging from the cover, it has its finger firmly planted on the pulse of the up-and-coming generation. Along with Cara D.'s interior spread, the edition also includes features on Henry Holland, Kate Moss's British Vogue cameo, and between the floral motif, complementary colorways, and bold beauty looks, these images actually look strikingly similar. Coincidence, or is Vogue sending a not-so-subtle message about the next model to fill Kate the Great's (high heel) shoes? We're going with the latter...

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