Florence Welch, Katy Perry, And Carey Mulligan Are Pretty In Prada At 'Dress Gatsby' Opening

Florence Welch, Katy Perry, and Carey Mulligan at "Dress Gatsby".
Photo: Getty

It's unfortunate that the word 'timeless' is so overused, because there are some things that really deserve the designation. Miuccia Prada's designs are one of those truly timeless things, and that fact has never been more apparent than at the opening of "Dress Gatsby" at the Prada flagship store in New York City. Showcasing the 40 dresses costume designer Catherine Martin hand-picked for the pivotal party scenes in The Great Gatsby, the exhibit was a chance for party goers to see some of the modern designs that fit so seamlessly into the period piece, proving that anachronism is truly in the eye of the beholder. Although the gilded gowns were designed in and for the modern day, they don't pull you out of the roaring '20s feel of the film for a moment (at least from what we've been able to gather from the trailer). Also showcasing the sleek lines and delicate details of Prada's designs were some of the event's attendees, who ranged from those intimately acquainted with the Gatsby dresses—the film's star Carey Mulligan—to soundtrack contributor Florence Welch and, of course, celebs who are fans of the label, like Katy Perry, who broke up the crowd clad in minimal black in a graphic, muted purple floral dress with black and white detailing.

Florence Welch and Carey Mulligan, however, kept it super simple in achromatic ensembles, with Flo taking the androgynous route in a classic black suit and striped shirt, her bright red stiletto nails adding a pop of sharp femininity to ensemble. Carey went the feminine, but structured route, in a heavily detailed black shift, featuring an all over filigree texture and an asymmetrical ruffle at the shoulder. It's nothing like the filmy, crystal-laden gowns she wears as Daisy Buchanan, but it's nice to see her in something that doesn't seem like a costume. Not that there's anything wrong with costumes, and you should head down to the Prada SoHo flagship in New York City for "Dress Gatsby" if you want to see some of the most exciting on-screen looks of the year.

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