Nicole Richie Takes Us On A Tattoo Removal Journey With Her New Webseries '#CandidlyNicole'

Nicole Richie dons protective glasses as she awaits the laser.
Photo: AOL

Nicole Richie is HILARIOUS. She got her start on reality TV alongside bestie Paris Hilton on The Simple Life, and has proven her on-screen style savvy as a mentor on NBC's Fashion Star alongside Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos. Not that we had ANY questions about Nicole's style smarts—she is the design mastermind behind House Of Harlow 1960, Winter Kate, AND an eponymous Macy's line, not to mention a street style staple. Combining her gifts for humor and sartorial flair, Nicole is back on the small screen with her new AOL webseries #CandidlyNicole, based on her irreverent Twitter feed, and we have to say, it has us in stitches. In the first episode, Nicole pays a visit to Dr. Tattoff (not his real name, but don't tell Nicole that), to inquire about having an unfortunate piece of body artwork removed. Listen, we're not going to judge anyone's youthful indiscretions, but we agree that maybe a cross tramp stamp isn't the look a stylin' mother of two is going for. Nicole chats with the good doctor, as well as with some of her fellow prisoners of bad decisions, who are in the market to remove tats as classic(ally bad) as twin cherries or as confusing as a neck tattoo that says "TIMETRAVELER" but "everyone thinks it says 'Timberlake.'" Ummmmmm, good luck with that. Nicole actually has NINE tattoos, but she isn't looking to get all of them removed "just the embarrassing ones."

All that may sound amazing, and it is, but what's really great about #CandidlyNicole is Richie's dry and a bone delivery and impeccable comedic timing. She's just really freaking funny, you guys, and we're really excited to watch her interact with more strange humans on her show. From the looks of the rest of the season, it only gets better from here. From dating advice, to style tips, to...flower arranging...Nicole gets into all kinds of shenanigans on her show, and, wow, man, is she funny. We know you're probably wondering, does Nicole end up getting her "down the crack tramp stamp" removed? You'll just have to watch and see.

Tramp Stamp Removal: Candidly Nicole

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