New Shopping Startup Hukkster Tells You When Your Favorite Stuff Goes On Sale


Some of the rad stuff that we can (finally!) score, thanks to Hukkster
Photo: Courtesy of Hukkster/OtteNY/Net-a-Porter/Opening Ceremony/House of Harlow

Earlier this week Time Inc. released its Top 10 Startups to Watch in 2013 List, and we've got to admit: between all the key players in tech and social media these days, the fashion world was disappointingly underrepresented. But alongside emerging businesses such as Grouper and ArchetypeMe, ONE glimmery style startup managed to snag a spot on the coveted list. Meet Hukkster, the new platform aimed to change the way we shop online. But before you go tightening your grasp on your wallet and clutching your credit card with the jaws of life, hold up! Ironically enough, Hukkster's not about making you splurge more—at least, not technically—it's actually about helping you score the pieces you love for less.

Here's how it works. All you have to do is register online with your email address, and then add the button to your internet toolbar. Then, whenever you find an item that you absolutely LOVE (but can't afford quite yet), you "hukk it" by clicking the button. This way they'll email you whenever the piece goes on sale, hits 25% off, or drops at least 50%. You can "hukk" clothes, shoes, accessories, and more from over 1000 online retailers from ASOS to ZARA, and they'll store the items in your profile so you can keep track of everything you've been eyeing. With a genius formula like this one, Hukkster definitely WON'T help anyone's online shopping addiction. But if you're looking for an insta-closet upgrade and love the ideas of cheap thrills, there's no better place to hit the ground running.

Find out more about Hukkster here!

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