Ke$ha Sports Same American Flag Onesie As Justin Bieber On 'My Crazy Beautiful Life'

Ke$ha Justin Bieber American Flag Onesie

Ke$ha and Justin Bieber in American flag onesies.
Photo: MTV/X17

We have to admit, we love being able to call Ke$ha an MTV star. In case y'all haven't heard, the glitter-obsessed pop star launched her own TV series called Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life last week on this very network (it airs every Tuesday night at 11 PM ET/PT! #shamlessplug), and, like, not to brag or anything, but it's an AMAZING show. The 30-minute episodes feature all the behind-the-scenes tour haps, including killer performances, boy probs, and everything in-between (a.k.a. very, very important fashion moments). Last night's "Animal On The Hunt" episode focused on K-Money's search for the perfect bearded boy, but we couldn't help but focus on something else—Ke$ha wearing an American flag zip-up onesie while boarding a plane.

Our thought process went exactly like this: 1.) Of course Ke$ha would wear an American flag onesie (girl loves a patriotic homage), 2.) Wait, hasn't someone else worn this before?, and 3.) We need to buy this immediately. We dug a little deeper, and found out that, YES, someone has worn this amazing flag onesie before—Justin Bieber! Back in 2011 he sported the exact same ensemble while in the UK, which officially solidified his love affair with jumpsuits (see: the red set he wore last week and the black button-up singlet he sported in 2011). You also can buy this bad boy for yourself if you're so inclined. OnePiece makes this in a lightweight and fleece-lined version (oooh! Onesies that transition through the seasons!) and will cost you $229 and $209, respectively. It may seem kinda steep, but, um, it's an entire outfit you guys—and one that requires absolutely no cerebral effort. *claps* To see Ke$ha's American flag onesie in action, check out the full episode below!


Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life | Ep. 2 | Animal On The Hunt

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