Haim Are Sunkissed And Silly On The Cover Of 'ASOS' Magazine

Haim on the June cover of ASOS magazine.
Photo: ASOS Magazine/Michael Hauptman

It's no secret that we love the sisters Haim around here. We've just about worn away the play button on all of our various devices hitting repeat on their 2012 single "Don't Save Me," and we MAY have even sung it in karaoke more than once. Maybe. Beyond just crafting one undeniable hit after another and putting on one of the best live shows we've seen in AWHILE, the sisters also have great style, both as a group and individually. We've chatted with them (and their music video stylists) about it in the past, and we're overjoyed to see it captured so well on the June cover of ASOS magazine. The girls are each wearing looks that reflect their style, with Alana, a.k.a. BabyHaim, wearing an ASOS crop top emblazoned with the year '1990,' middle sister—and resident tomboy—Danielle in an Ashish sequined numbers oversized shirt dress, and eldest sis Este in an ASOS crop top and Antipodium metallic skirt. The shoot is sunny and fun and the photos look as though they could almost be candids from the sisters' own lives in their native LA.

Photo: ASOS Magazine/Michael Hauptman

Chemistry is a real thing, and it can make ALL the difference in a photo spread. The Haim sisters are obviously super comfortable with one another, not just from playing in a band together but from, you know, growing up in the same house for their entire lives, and the ease and humor with which they interact is undeniable. On the cover, Este gleefully makes a mustache with Danielle's long brown hair, and the interior shots are no less playful. The girls manage to make a chain link fence look as exciting as a rollercoaster ride in shiny jeans and a T-shirt for Danielle, a psychedelic, Tumblr-meets-canyon-lady maxi dress for Este, and, of course, Alana's signature jean shorts and a graphic long-sleeved shirt. Are you taking notes? We certainly have been. The mag is available now on the ASOS Fashion Up app, available from the app store.

What do you think of Haim's ASOS mag cover?

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