Get Glowing Nails From Day To Night With Ciate's Corrupted Neon Manicure Set!

Ciate Corrupted Neon Manicure Set

The Ciate Corrupted Neon nail set.
Photo: Courtesy of Ciate

Must. Get. Glowing. Nails. Right. This. Instant. *shakes self out of trance* Whoa. Sorry, dudes. Even WE got spellbound by our own hypnotizing GIF that features Ciate's new Corrupted Neon nail set. You might remember the British nail brand for making the (now infamous) Caviar manicure and insanely cool chalkboard nail set, but this time around they are taking nail art to a whole new level with their neon set that SCREAMS summer. The kit includes a matte neon paint pot, loose neon glitter and a mini UV top coat, which (if you've been keeping up with our blog!) you might remember us talking about last week. Illamasqua released a Paranormal UV polish collection, which featured four shades that could glow under any black light—and Ciate's polish works the same way! So, yes, your nails can be neon bright at the beach during day and glowing at the club long after the sun sets. I mean, just look at how she WERKS both looks in our UH-MAZING GIF above. *brushes shoulders off*

To use the set, prep your dry, oil-free nails with a base coat and layer on two thin coats of the matte neon color from the kit. Then, go balls-out with the neon glitter by adding a little (or a lot!) of glamor. (We suggest doing a glitter gradient or seriously studded-out accent ring finger.) Then, apply the corrupted UV top coat to get that killer after-dark glow. Totally awesome and easy, right?! RIGHT. The sets will be available to purchase starting in June for around $25, but if you can't wait until then, check out Ciate's other amazing nail art sets from Sephora. Tell us, are you going to hop on the new UV nail polish trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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