First Look: Zac Efron’s Pretty Boy Prepster Style For ‘Townies’

Zac Efron on the set of ’Townies.’
Photo: Splash News/Pacific Coast News

Gulp. Zac Efron, guys. If you’ve been following his every move (like we do, obvs), you might’ve been wondering/seriously concerned about his out-of-character preppy street style as of late. Don’t worry, we can explain. He’s been filming a movie called Townies where he plays a college student who runs a frat house, and, well, um, need we say more? We HAVE to talk about his character’s ensembles, though, because we love how he isn’t a frat boy in the traditional sense (note the lack of cargo shorts), and instead a more fashiony, pretty boy version of campus-dwelling dudes. So far we’ve only peeped a few outfits from the movie, but we need to comment on his delta psi beta tee. (Yes, we had to Google the Greek alphabet to figure out what those symbols meant. #artschool) He decided to wear it SUPER tight with fitted distressed jeans, navy and yellow Nikes, and—get this—a weed leaf belt. *claps*

Zac Efron on the set of ’Townies.’
Photo: Splash News

In another scene, he wore a red robe (haiii, pecs!), navy sweatpants and striped Adidas slip-on sandals with a perfect pompadour. For his dressed-up look, he sported a super-tight button-up shirt with a skinny patterned tie, fitted gray slacks and penny loafers. Considering costume designer Leesa Evans has outfitted actors in everything from Forgetting Sarah Marshall to American Pie (just to name a few!), it’s obvious she’s got the jock style game on LOCK. Tell us, do you like Zac Efron’s Townies style? Let us know in the comments below!

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