The Comfiest, Cutest Overalls To Sport This Spring

Well, there's no denying it. Overalls are BACK! And these denim dungarees haven't only returned in full force, they've become a major fashion trend, popping up on the runways at 3.1 Phillip Lim, Agnes B, and Jason Wu, as well as on celebs like the current overall MVP, Alexa Chung. Before you roll your eyes at us, like, "Duh, Alexa Chung can wear ANYTHING and look good," hold up— we were skeptical at first, too. But after doing some seriously in-depth research (otherwise known as cruising our favorite online stores and stalking their selection), we've realized that overalls are actually way easier to pull off than they appear. You don't necessarily HAVE to go full-on farmer status, channel *NSync, or even rock flashy leather to get in on the look...there are tons of ways to reach a happy medium with style secrets like classic black, '70s silhouettes, or even prints. See the long and short of it here!


Denim dungarees get a cool new update.
Photo: Need Supply/Pixie Market/Free People

Overalls were originally designed for blue collar workers way back in 19th century, thanks to their durable fabric and functional cut. Needless to say, these onesies have come a long, long way since their humble beginnings on the farms and in factories. This gorgeous image of Kate Moss sporting hers should be reason enough to give this trend a spin; but if that's not enough to convince you of their long-staying '90s popularity, these basic blues also made pit stops throughout the decade on stars like TLC, Destiny's Child, and even the Olsens. Despite the fact that Man Repeller has given them her seal of approval, ironically enough, the 21st century iteration of the look has a decidedly flattering appeal. Think Jane Birkin-inspired trousers, sleek colorways, and a slimmer leg. OR you could always go the Rihanna for River Island route with two-toned separates...

+ Birkin Denim Overalls: Pixie Market ($72.00)

+ Black Box Overalls: Need Supply ($89.00)

+ Washed Denim Overalls: Free People ($148.00)


Keep it loose in short overalls.
Photo:Free People/Urban Outfitters/ZARA

Can't quite commit to the full thing? Make like Hannah from Girls and go halfway with a romper...or, as she affectionately calls 'em, "shorteralls." Layered over a tank, a buttoned-up blouse, whatever, these options here just might be THE most versatile seasonal wardrobe transition pieces. We love the vintage-inspired wash from Urban Outfitters, and the patterns and prints from Zara and Free People give the bibs an extra kick of cool.

+ Boyfriend Shorterall: Free People ($118.00)

+ Denim Short Overall: Urban Outfitters ($69.00)

+ Ethnic Print Romper: ZARA ($59.00)

Will you wear overalls this spring, or are you going to sit this one out? Tell us!

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