Justin Timberlake's Cardigan Game Is On Point

Justin Timberlake

Photo: The Ellen DeGeneres Show

It'll come as no surprise that the love for Justin Timberlake is very much alive and kickin' in the MTV Style office. So when we jump online first thing in the morning and are blessed with a new performance of "Mirrors," this time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you shouldn't be shocked when I tell you the video circulated around our office quicker than a JT hip thrust. Sure, it might be a little surprising that our responses ranged from, "STOP EVERYTHING" to "I love today" to my own, "I'm drooling on my desk." But can you really blame me? The dude of my middle school daydreams is back in full performance force and here I am, quivering in my chair, not unlike my eleven year old self at my first *NSYNC concert. (Dad, how will I ever repay you for that night? The eve that still stands as the greatest date of my life? Bless you.)

Justin, on the other hand, has evolved pretty tremendously since our first encounter in 1997. The dude has ditched the glittering accessories and curly 'do for Tom Ford "Suit & Tie" sexiness. But doesn't that bow tie ever get a little stifling? Apparently, yes! Because yesterday, Justin rolled up to Ellen in a laid back, albeit still sophisticated, ensemble of a suit SANS tie! Instead of his as-of-late favorite accessory, Justin complimented his charcoal grey suit with a... *drumroll*... cardigan! He even kept his striped button down open at the collar! Refined, yet relaxed. Justin, I am feeeeeling this look on you. Though, let's be real, if I loved you with the iced tips, safe to say that I'll love you for life.

What do you guys think of Justin's laid back look? Think his cardigan game can ever match his fearlessness with a fedora? Watch his performance of "Mirrors" and then let us know in the comments.



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