Ke$ha 'Stan Swag': Release The Animal Inside With This Wild Gear

Go wild with this new Animal-appropriate Ke$ha swag.
Photo: Society6/Etsy/Wholesale Halloween/Livenation/MAC/Sephora

From her high-flying party anthems to her totally distinctive personal style, there's NO denying that our girl Ke$ha is an uncompromising original spirit...and that's exactly why we love her! But just in case you had any doubts about that fact, look no further than the singer's very own MTV show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, which gives us a peek inside her ridiculous everyday antics courtesy of her filmmaker brother (pssst, if you haven't seen it yet, drop whatever you're doing and watch it now!). Yep, the pop star has come about a zillion lightyears away from back when she was just a little kid making cameos The Simple Life, right?! So it's time, then, that we give Ke$h a well-deserved shoutout in our own way, by rounding up the absolute very best stuff for all the Animals out there. Whether it's repping her lyrics on your outfit OR just paying tribute with glitter or a gold tooth, crank up the music and check out these six ways to show Ke$ha some love.

We know, we know. Wearing your favorite singer on your iPhone isn't the most creative thing, but this eye-popping case ($15.00) is just TOO good to ignore. Courtesy of Society6 artist Nic Moore, the crazy-cool colors and abstract outline here are enough to convince anyone you encounter to become an Animal. Or at the very least, ensure that your iPhone is about 100x bolder and brighter than everybody else's.

What's the point in wearing your heart on your sleeve when you can rock Ke$ha's lyrics across your CHEST?! Not exactly the most subtle approach, but hey— with a shimmery rainbow font, this decidedly non-basic black tank ($24.00) definitely gets "C'Mon"'s message across loud and clear. Speaking of sparkles, no true Ke$ha fan is complete without a well-stocked arsenal of glittery essentials. You could dust on MAC's golden dust ($21.00) for some subtle sheen, or go all out with a new take on the signature Ke$ha blue mouth with Violent Lips "Blue Glitterati" set ($7.00). But if makeup's not necessarily for you, there are MORE than enough metallic teeth on the market out there to get a golden grin like our girl Ke$ha. Noncommittals can go the faux route cheaply with this gold tooth cap ($5.90). Nobody has to know it's not real...

The singer LOVES her Spirit Hoods, so much so that she's even selling her own custom version at her official website ($109.00). It's definitely not cheap, but this wolf one does come with official branding and a money stash, if you're into that?

Finally, everyone can use a little motivation when they're heading out the door in the morning. Etsy artist KeepItFancy gets that, which is why she's done us all the service of printing Ke$ha's oh-so-inspirational "Tik Tok" lyrics on this poster ($10.00). Because let's be real: there's really NO better way to start your day.

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