Kitty Pryde Talks Prom Accessories And The Importance Of Sparkle


Kitty Pryde wears a sparkly bow in the 'Orion's Belt' video.
Photo: Noisey's YouTube

Prom is probably the most major of high school moments. The dress, the date, the dance… a night you’ll remember and reminisce over for the rest of your life. So, what could be better than prom? Erm, how about FIVE proms? Because that’s exactly what Kitty Pryde got. The Florida-born, New York based-rapper, who is currently on tour with another fashion favorite Danny Brown, may be young— but she’s got the smart rhymes and sharp delivery of a stage vet. Her first single, “Ok Cupid,” which was recorded on her laptop in her bedroom closet, was named #17 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Songs Of 2012, and “Orion’s Belt,” the catchiest of collabs with Riff Raff, is currently sitting at over 1.2 million views on YouTube. But before all the fame, Kitty was just a regular Daytona Beach babe, working at the mall and planning prom outfits. Like we said, the girl’s got experience. “I’ve gone a couple times with girlfriends, once with my gross ex-boyfriend, and most recently with my BFF Grant. He didn’t even become my BFF until I forced him to take me to prom like three days after I met him, but now we’re inseparable, so that’s the magic of prom for you.”

With the high school memories still fresh, Kitty shared some of her favorite moments of her five different proms with us, ranging from fashion faux pas (“A weird shiny sexy blue dress that I had somehow convinced myself made me look like Dirrty-era Christina Aguilera”) to bonding with classmates (“When else are you going to dance like a total moron in front of people you would normally be awkward with?”) to long-lasting life lessons (“Expensive things aren't necessary”). In honor of her sentiment regarding affordable sparkly swag, we asked the former Claire’s Accessories employee to pick her favorite frills from the site and share some styling tips with us.


Photo: Claire's Accessories

+ CRYSTAL SHIMMER TIARA ($16.50): "It’s important to be more perfect and more outrageously sparkly that anyone else at prom because it’s one of the few times that nobody can really blame you for outshining everyone else. This tiara isn't too annoyingly huge and has a little crystal in the middle that stands out. It’s absolutely necessary to wear a tiara. In case you were wondering."

+ CROSS AND BEAD BRACELET AND RING ($12.50): "Everyone at prom will have fake diamond jewelry on, probable the same princess-y chandelier stuff, but bracelets like this are unique and more secure. It’s so easy to lose jewelry at prom. I have no idea why that is."

+ EYE ROCK CRYSTAL EYE TATTOOS ($8.50): "These are new and I’m already obsessed with them because they stay on your face so well without leaving sticky stuff on your skin. Crystals and jewels on your face are very important; using these instead of a bunch of black eye shadow is a good look. Everyone else at your prom will be in fifty shades of grey so not being a raccoon is eye-catching."

+ OVERSIZE GLITTERY FABRIC BOW ($4.50): "Bows are cute because they’re innocent and it’s uncommon to see them in dressy situations. Personally, I hate when my hair is curled perfectly and I look like a shiny plastic thing so I like to wear bows all the time just to add playfulness. This one is perfect because it’s big enough to be noticeable but the glittery fabric won’t cheapen a nice dress."

+ EAR CUFF WITH BOW STUD EARRING ($7.50): "I don’t really like wearing earrings, but these are a cute alternative to dangly ones because they still frame your face and add glitter without getting tangled in your hair while you’re dancing like an idiot with everyone. At all the proms I’ve been to, everyone is friends. Even if we hated each other all year! Simply because you’re all celebrating the end of four years of obnoxiousness and hormones. It’s a very together-y feeling. Warms my heart."

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