Watch The Full Trailer For 'The Bling Ring,' And Get A Look At Paris Hilton's Epic Shoe Collection

The Bling Ring Trailer

A still from The Bling Ring trailer.
Photo: Yahoo Movies

It seems pretty fair to say that at some point or another nearly everyone has entertained fantasies of being famous, or, as Israel Broussard's character Marc puts it in the new trailer for The Bling Ring, of "living the lifestyle" of young Hollywood. The clothes, the parties, the supposed freedom of having unlimited wealth and access... it's all extremely appealing, especially when you're a bored high school kid without much more to do than drive around with your friends. In the new trailer, we get to see more of the film than we have before, and to hear some of the dialogue. We also get a look into Paris Hilton's epic shoe closet, and which is like a Manolo enthusiasts heaven. The film is a slick, stylish portrayal of a group of kids who have no idea what's going on in the world, and just want in on something that in reality doesn't exist. With cameos from Paris herself and Kirsten Dunst, it's also clear that director Sofia Coppola pulled out all the stops to make the film as realistic as possible, and that makes us all the more excited to see it come June.

This is also the first time we REALLY get to hear Emma Watson's amazing Angelino accent, which is all drawn out vowels and "karmaaaa." We heard a little bit of it during The Bling Ring MTV Sneak Peek, but oh man, is it ever good.

How excited are you to see The Bling Ring?

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