Snooki Channels Bratz Doll In Head-To-Toe Neon At Supre Photo Shoot

Snooki Bratz Doll

Snooki during a Supre tanning shoot.
Photo: @SnookiInc's Instagram

You know, here at MTV Style we certainly like to draw our own pop-culture fashion comparisons (see: Jared Leto channeling Dragon Ball Z or Lady Gaga Jo Calderone seriously copping Karate Kid's steez), but when a celeb calls out the PERFECT semblance right from the get-go, we can't help but give them props. Today, our girl Snooki Instagrammed tons of pics from her Supre Tan photo shoot (yes, she's still promoting her bedazzled, self-titled tanning lotion) where she sported legit head-to-toe neon. In one particular photo, though, her caption read, "Super hero Bratz doll ready to frolic," and suddenly, we were all, "OMG. She really does look like a Bratz doll!" Like, guys, look at her. LOOK. She's wearing a bright purple and pink leopard bra under a neon green tank paired with hot pink running shorts and KILLER sky-high neon and white platform sneakers. (Seriously though, where can we get those?)

Now, if you're not familiar with Bratz/weren't a child of the '90s, these highly-stylized (and, arguably, sexualized) dolls feature larger-than-life bobble heads with waist-long hair, giant doe eyes, and a super glossy pout. Their trendy clothes feature tons of bright prints, short-shorts, and realllly tall shoes. If you look at this PARTICULAR ensemble of the Bratz doll on the far right (sorry world, we don't actually know their names by heart), she's even wearing the EXACT same striped socks as Snooki from the shoot. Case closed, y'all! Tell us—what do you think of Snooki's Bratz-inspired ensemble? Let us know in the comments below!

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