Demi Lovato Braves Heels After Foot Injury In 'Heart Attack' Behind The Scenes Video

Demi Lovato behind the scenes of her video for "Heart Attack."
Photo: Youtube

If there's anyone who knows about a brave comeback, it's Demi Lovato. We all watched Demi's beyond triumphant return to the spotlight in Stay Strong, but little did we know that her video for "Heart Attack" was another kind of comeback, albeit a smaller one. Remember Demi's studded orthopedic boot at the Los Angeles Topshop store opening? Well, that broken ankle had the singer in that boot for weeks, making the idea of putting heels on again a little scary (to say the least!). There was a benefit to Demi's reticence to move around in her heels, though. "I'm not moving around that much," Demi says, "but I guess it was good because I was able to perform more through my face and my emotions and my body language."

Demi goes on to say that her intention for the styling of the video was to create something "sophisticated, yet rocker and chic all at the same time." In her look-by-look for the video, our own Gaby Wilson said that Demi's look "serves an equilibrium of rock and glamour," so bravo Demi, your vision totally came through.