Exclusive: Ryan Lochte Talks Style, Says Fashion Line Will Come After He 'Hangs Up His Speedo' [VIDEO]

Ryan Lochte

The man himself, Ryan Lochte.
Photo: MTV

Those signature grills, the epic sneaker collection, that inescapable catchphrase (you know what we're talking about...). Yep, Ryan Lochte is truly one of a kind. Isn't it crazy to think that just a year ago we had absolutely NO idea about the Lochte mania about to sweep America during the 2012 Olympics?! Now the swimming champ is pretty much everywhere, chatting about the intricacies of Speedo design on Jay Leno, launching "Hardcore Workout" DVDS online, and firmly cementing "Jeah!" into everyone's vocabulary, whether we asked for it or not. Now the golden boy has taken his infamous Lochte-isms to reality TV with E!'s new series "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" Just before the show premiered on Sunday night, the swimmer and unabashed fashion enthusiast stopped by MTV to chat about his goal to spread "swimming awareness," how he prepped by watching The Kardashians, and of course, his plans for a clothing collection. We first heard murmurs of Lochte-branded shoes and "glitzy" accessories several months ago, and now we've got the official scoop on his design ambitions right here. Find out when we can expect the Ryan Lochte fashion line below!


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