Rihanna (Finally) Wears That Custom Givenchy Tee With Her Face On It

Rihanna Givenchy Tee

Rihanna at a Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat game on April 21.
Photo: Getty Images/Rihanna's Instagram

Serious question, y'all: Would you ever wear a T-shirt with your face on it? Believe it or not, this is an actual thing Rihanna had to ponder recently thanks to that custom Givenchy jersey she received back in February. In case you forgot, Riccardo Tisci sent her a black tee with a GIANT impressionistic painting of her visage on it (red lips and all!), and we've been dying to know when she'd bust that bad boy out to wear IRL. Well, we finally spotted RiRi sporting the tee in question at a Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat game yesterday, and it looked a lot less, uh, creepy than we imagined.

Maybe it's the fact that she layered on a thick chain necklace, gold bracelets, giant hoops, and a backward fresh.i.am snapback to distract from the jersey, but we think it actually looks kind of awesome. Like, don't get us wrong—we're certainly not running out and getting an airbrush tee with our faces on it, but Riccardo has a way of making even the most questionable things cool, and we're kiiinda jeals! The craziest part about this entire thing, though, is that the inspiration behind Riccardo's original painting was from a photo of Rihanna at a different basketball game. So, guys, we need to spell this out for you: Ri wore a painting of a herself at a former basketball game to current one. *head explodes* Yeah. Also, um, is this not a huge indication of just how giant Rihanna's wardrobe is? If we got a custom tee direct from Riccardo himself, we'd wear that shiz the NEXT day, if not the day after that. It took Ri SEVEN. WEEKS. to bust this out. Yeah. Just... just think about that. What do y'all think about Rihanna's custom Givenchy tee? Let us know in the comments below!

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