Justin Bieber Debuts Koi Fish Tattoo On Forearm!

Justin Bieber Fish

Justin Bieber performing in Paris during his 'Believe' tour.
Photo: Getty Images

Hi, Justin Bieber. *waves* It's us again. Listen, we know only a weekend went by since we last dished on your statement-making accessories (he sported a Chanel ski mask for those that missed it), but here we are Monday morning discussing you yet again, this time for a much more permanent stylistic choice—a new tattoo! This weekend, the Biebs performed in Copenhagen during his "Believe" tour and showed off some fresh ink—a koi fish on his forearm. This piece was placed below his "Believe" tattoo from last summer, his owl tattoo from last fall, and his "X" tat from earlier this year. But, if you've ever seen Justin shirtless (lawd KNOWS we have), this is just one of many tats from his ever-growing collection.

So, what does the koi fish symbolize? Well, according to a quick Google search, it could mean anything from "worldly aspiration and advancement" to "strength and determination" to "good fortune or luck." Basically, it represents a whole GAMUT of awesome things, which makes it easy to understand why Justin would want that etched on his skin forever. But, um, can we talk about one more thing we noticed along with JB's new tat? Thanks to a super awesome mega-fan, we got to peep his entire post-show Copenhagen ensemble that night, which included an oversized graphic sweater, a thick gold chain, a fedora and—wait for it—grills. Dang, between that and all his tats, Justin is definitely turning into QUITE the bad boy! Tell us—what do you think about Justin's new tattoo? Let us know in the comments below!


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