10 Photobomb Poses To Practice Before Prom

From finding the perfect dress to making sure you're prepared for any beauty emergency, we've been hooking you up with vital information to help your prom experience go as smoothly as possible (and maybe indulging in a few prom fantasy scenarios of our own, but who's counting, OK??). One aspect of prom that's sure to catalyze a wave of eye-rolls is the infamous PROM POSE. Its origins are uncertain, but its been plaguing photographic history for far. too. long. Here at MTV Style, we'd like to make way for the prom photobomb and have compiled a list of several varied tactics that you can mix and match throughout the special night.


Kelly Clarkson photobomb

Kelly Clarkson photobombs Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres.
Photo: Getty Images

The first key to a great photobomb is recognizing the opportunity. Most of the time, it's pure luck, but since everyone at prom will be saddling up, taking group and couple shots, and trying to preserve the moment, you'll have a lot of chances to score a good one. Here, Kelly Clarkson expertly executes a classic—the "Look, Ma!"—peeking over with an open-mouthed smile and emphatic pointed finger while Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres suspect nothing.


Jesse Tyler Ferguson photobomb

Jesse Tyler Ferguson photobombs Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom.
Photo: Getty Images

Sometimes you'll see a photobomb opportunity, but not already be in the prime location. This is the best time to implement the "Action Antelope" as Jesse Tyler Ferguson does here with Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. There's a lot of movement with this one, but don't forget to serve face while you're doing it.


Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black photobomb

Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black photobomb Angelina Jolie.
Photo: Getty Images

The "Whack-A-Mole," which Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black are pulling on Angelina Jolie, is a pose that requires two or more participants. Also, a table of some sort. There are a lot of parameters involved, but the end result, as you can see, is totally worth it.


Chris Rock photobomb

Chris Rock photobombs Rihanna.
Photo: Getty Images

Chris Rock's utilization of The "Appreciative Passer-by" on Rihanna is arguably one of the best celebrity photobombs of all time. The combination of Rock's earnest face game with Ri's appearance of having NO clue makes this a winner.


Simon Pegg photobomb

Simon Pegg photobombs Paula Patton, Tom Cruise, and Lea Seydoux.
Photo: Getty Images

Not into background photobombs? There's a pose for you, too. The "Derp Diana Ross" is the ultimate IDGAF photobomb. You find a photo opp and COMPLETELY ruin it by getting in front and making yourself the star of it. The key here is owning it with a power stance and your very best Derp face.


The-Dream photobomb

The-Dream photobombs Beyonce and Jay-Z.
Photo: Getty Images

On the completely flip side, you can make like The-Dream, slip on a pair of shades, maybe even a loud hat/headgear situation, and slink into the background of a sweet couple shot *waves at Bey and Jay. Look slightly away from the main action of the photo, but make sure to angle yourself so the camera has a clear shot of your face. Also, stand a little too close. You're most likely to get away with this one because no one can see your eyes.


Tyler, the Creator photobomb

Tyler, the Creator photobombs Taco and Donald Trump.
Photo: Courtesy of @feliciathegoat's Instagram

Only the brave need apply for this one, and Tyler, the Creator certainly fits the bill. This eponymous photobomb pose very well may not be suited for anyone but Tyler, but we couldn't give you a list of these things without including this.


Johnny Depp photobomb

Johnny Depp photobombs Tim Burton.
Photo: Getty Images

So long as you're very quiet and don't make any sudden movements, you may have the most success with The "Shoulder Demon," demonstrated here by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. Extra points for creepy facial hair.


Adele photobomb

Adele photobombs Jennifer Aniston.
Photo: Getty Images

I think it's safe to say we all know to what ORIGINAL "Imma let you finish" incident we refer with this monicker, but the photobomb pose version looks best (well, until you make it your own on prom night) on Adele and Jennifer Aniston. The secret to this looking like you're about to interrupt the picture, getting close enough in the frame for it to be captured, and then...not actually doing it.


Justin Bieber photobomb

Justin Bieber photobombs Russell Brand and Katy Perry.
Photo: Picture Group

Finally, we leave you with a celebrity photobomb that will forever live in infamy: The "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bieber." Study it. Perfect it. Use it wisely.

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