Ke$ha Does All Gold Everything In 'Crazy Kids' Single Art


Ke$ha matches her nails, necklace, and rings to her gold grill for "Crazy Kids" album art.
Photo: @iiswhoiis Instagram

Ke$ha has been a seriously busy lady these days, between her MTV Movie Awards cameo, her performances at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and Logo NNNAwards...and not to mention, preparing to premiere her new TV show My Crazy Beautiful Life on April 23. But wait, she's not finished yet! This morning the singer surprised her Animals by dropping the new art for her single "Crazy Kids" upon the world, saying "get. ready. ANIMALS!!!" Oh, you BET we're ready. She's recruited Will.I.Am. for the remix version of the already-addictive track, and not surprisingly, the cover art is equally awesome. She's ditched the blue lipstick, face paint, and glitter of yesteryear for a completely barefaced beauty look. No masacara, no eyeliner...NOTHING. While this shocking lack of makeup might appear to be the next natural step in her "Stepford Ke$ha" evolution, the gold grill, nose ring, manicure, and jewelry still keep it from looking too, y'know, normal. Phew!

She decided to take her signature gold tooth up a notch by rocking an entire GOLD MOUTH with grills on her top and bottom sets of teeth. Pretty impressive, right? Also, we've got to give her major props for matching this metallic mouth bling to her shiny nails, chain link necklace and statement ring. This is a pop star who's never really been one to do things halfway, whether it's taking cues from a "gothic flower child" or channeling Willy Wonka/Dumb and Dumber in a powder blue suit, and she's clearly totally committed to her new golden girl incarnation. So what do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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