Beyonce 'Stan Swag': 'Bow Down' To The Ultimate King Bey Merch


Beyonce Stan Swag that'll have the b****** bowing down.
Photo: Etsy/Society 6/Hype Means Nothing/Urban Outfitters

All the ladies, if you feel me, help me sing it ouuuuuut. Everyone is a Beyonce fan, right? If Kate McKinnon as Ann Romney on SNL's Weekend Update says it, that means it's true, right? Well, as you probably already know, King Bey has just kicked off her several month-long The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. We're girding our loins for when the show finally touches down in NYC via Barclays Center (a.k.a. her hubby Hov's house), but that's not until August. *WAHHHHHH* In the meantime, we're stocking up on all the coolest Stan Swag (that can be read as a permutation of "super-fan" or *achem* this Stan) the Beyhive has to offer while we count down to showtime.

We already do our fair share of pointing you toward things Bey has worn from graphic print leggings to sweatshirts to earrings to more sweatshirts, but there's still one article we haven't hook you up with: that Beyond hat from one of her many Tumblr photoshoots. Consider that rectified thanks to Etsy shop winteriscoming2012 and this BEYOND snapback ($19.99). Single ladies can put rings on, too. We like this one in the shape of a crown ($16.99) to remind bishes to bow down.

No, those aren't gold sequin earrings. They're gold sequin pasties ($17.00) in honor of Bey's The Blonds tour bustier (which, if you REALLY need further explanation, features gold rhinestone faux-nips). Do with this information what you will. Less scandalously, you can rep Bey all year long on your phone via a gold fanged iPhone case ($35.00) or in your home with this hilarious/adorbz handmade cross-stitch ($30.00) embroidered with lyrics from the Destiny's Child classic, "Survivor."

There are a TON of great Bey-related clothing options living on the interwebz, but our favorites have to be this Hype Means Nothing sweatshirt ($93.00) or, repping her DC days, this illustrated tee ($34.99) depicting Kelly, Bey, and Michelle in full "Bootylicious" regalia. And while we're on the topic (of bootys, that is), we also present to you this pair of Beyonce hotpants ($12.99) without comment. We hear they look best paired with freakum dresses.

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