Let's Discuss Justin Bieber's Chanel Ski Mask

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wears a Chanel logo ski mask.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber's Instagram

Soooo this happened. "This" being the above image wherein Mr. Justin Bieber, the internationally super-famous pop star, is posing for an Instagram selfie wearing a black ski mask embroidered with Chanel's iconic interlocking C logo. (We'll note that he's also wearing a band jacket which simultaneously reminds us of modern matador Macklemore, 1980s Michael Jackson, and yuletide Biebs himself, but let's keep focus on the mask for now.) From front row at Paris Fashion Week courtesy of Kanye West to a prominent feature in Opening Ceremony's Spring Breakers lookbook, ski masks, for whatever reason, are majorly trending, and it looks as though J.Biebs will not be left in the robber-chic dust.

This Chanel (or as he captions it, "CHANNEL" ...) logo mask is not the first, erm, face-covering Justin has sported this year. *points to gas mask incident #1 and #2* But that doesn't make it any less exciting or mysterious! For instance, why is he wearing the mask? Is the climate very cold where he is? Is it just a style choice? Is it to hide his face from paparazzi? (Can't be that or else he wouldn't post it to an Instagram account with over 7 million followers...)

More generally, though, this forces us to question from where this ski mask trend is originating. And not just that, but what about popular culture is propelling looking like a jewel thief (or, you know, actually being one) into such a thing? We came up with a grand total of zero answers to our questions about Bieber's new ski mask EXCEPT for where we might be able to get it for ourselves. Brought to life thanks to a collaboration between Harlem MC Vinny Cha$e and Glass Cloud Vintage, the "LUXY MaSK" is available online (for now) for just $30.00. Happy Thursday!

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