What To Wear After Prom!

We’ve been dishing out tips ALL week on how to have the perfect prom. From the shoes to the dress to the hair, we’ve done it all, but… have you thought what you’re going to wear after the dance is over? *cricket chirping* Don’t worry, we rounded up some amazing ensembles for wherever you decide to go post-prom. The guidelines: comfort and affordability are key while still looking hella cute (obvi). Let’s get to it!


After-prom dresses!
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS/Topshop

If you’re heading somewhere else fancy after the big dance, make sure to pick a frock that doesn’t compete with your prom dress (and has that extra party-girl edge). We love this bright peach lace-insert shift dress ($92) because it’s bold and can be dressed up or down as much as you’d like. (Think of all the killer accessories you could sport with this bad boy!) If you seriously want to channel the spirit of spring, we suggest this chic-yet-girly floral print bandeau dress ($92), which you can rock with your updo from the dance. For the gals that want to go ALL OUT, we recommend this neon and gold sequin panel skater dress ($160) that is totally show-stopping. Just throw on some coral lipstick, and you’re good to go!


After-prom dresses!
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS/Topshop

If you plan on hanging at your friend’s house, you (thankfully) get to switch into something way more comfortable. But, instead of the typical T-shirt-and-jeans schtick, stay on theme by changing into a dress. We’re obsessed with this super bright Aztec-print sundress ($50) that has THE cutest strap design in the back. For something a bit more demure (but still TOTALLY cool), we love this denim polka dot shirt dress ($84), which would look totally awesome with some studded-out sneakers (shown here!) and a thick chain around the neck. We also can’t get enough of this black maxi dress with a cat face plastered on the front ($47). It’s fun, fearless and totally fierce. To get double duty out of your post-prom dress, pick something you’d want to sport all summer long like this neon tie-dye skater dress ($58). It would be the perfect frock to rock at summer festivals—not to mention it looks reeeally comfy.


After-prom pjs!
Photo: Courtesy of Topshop/Forever 21

OK, let’s be real for a second—sometimes the dance alone is enough partying to last you for the rest of the year. Instead, you might opt for a slumber party where you hang with your gals and dish on ALL the prom gossip will gorging on pizza (well, at least we would). Obvi you want to look cute for the occasion even if you are just lazin’ around, and we got a kick out of this “Wake Me Up Before Lunch” PJ set ($44) because, well, duh. For the unabashedly nerdy girls, we HIGHLY suggest this dinosaur pajama top with runner shorts ($36), which, yes, does identify all the different species of dino. To make a serious statement at your sleepover, we like this neon heart set ($17) or (if you’re really, REALLY ballsy and/or LOVE Cara Delevingne) this blue and cream toile onesie ($50). I mean, it even has a hood. #WERK

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