Everything You Need For The Ultimate Prom Emergency Kit


Can your clutch hold all of your prom emergency items?!
Photo: ASOS/ Shopbop/ Urban Outfitters

Sure, it might look simple, but let's be real here— packing your purse for prom is NO easy task. If you're doing the whole pre-prom photo sesh, fancy dinner, the dance itself, and the after-party, well, chances are you'll need a bunch of stuff to get you through this epic marathon night. So let's talk strategy, shall we?! First of all, the bag you're carrying will most likely be a tiny clutch, which is heavy on the style factor but not so much on the whole practicality thing. If you're still on the hunt for a bag, we're loving this seafoam green envelope clutch from ASOS, the Jillian Minaudiere sparkly number from Club Monaco, and House of Harlow's reptile pouch for their slightly-larger-than-average storage capability and undeniable chicness. But regardless of which clutch you bring, the stuff you take with you will need to be small, posses multitasking capabilities... or better yet, both. Because NOBODY wants to be left stranded on prom night, we've dutifully rounded up our favorite tried-and-true essentials to pack in your purse in case of any beauty emergency. See our must-bring list of products below!


All the essentials you can possibly stuff into your purse.
Photo: Courtesy of Pepsi's YouTube Channel

+ Double Agent Eyeliner And Mascara: Secret Agent Beauty ($26.00). This two-in-one mascara and liquid eyeliner duo will give you the perfect cat-eye and lasts FOREVER (trust us, we've put it to the test!).

+ Becca Beach Tint: Sephora ($25.00). It's a hybrid lip and cheek color that you can touch up all night long.

+ Too Faced Concealer: Sephora ($20.00). Tiny but powerful, this is the best secret weapon for hiding blemishes.

+ Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids: Drugstore.com ($2.99). Because heels can hurt!

+ Safety Pins: Drugstore.com ($5.99 for pack of 225). Dress rips are the WORST, so better safe than sorry.

+ Tide To Go Mini: Drugstore.com ($3.79). Food and drink stains? Uhh no, thank you.

+ Lavender Mini Deodorant: Drugstore.com ($3.29). You'll be hitting the dance floor (we hope!), so better be prepared. This deodorant goes on clear and smells super fresh.

+ Marc Jacobs Rollerball Perfume: Sephora ($22.00). You know, for mid-night fragrance touchups...

+ Altoids Smalls: Walgreens (approximately $3.00 in stores). Again, you've got to be prepared! *wink*

+ Hair Elastics: Drugstore.com ($2.99 for pack of 14). In case you don't want to keep your hair down all night long.

+ Blotter Sheets: Proactiv ($11.00 for pack of 2). These are the best blotting papers we've found for keeping oil at bay and still giving a fresh-faced glow.

+ Bobby Pins: Walgreens ($1.59 for pack of 60). Hair falls down, people.

One last thing: if you're in a rush (or just super lazy) and don't feel like stocking your own prom beauty kit on your own, these Pinch Provisions Minimergency kits are your savoir. Each mini pouch comes stuffed with 17 (!!) items, from nail polish remover to double-sided tape to breath freshener. They're like the Mary Poppins bags of prom night...except, of course, MUCH cuter.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you're taking in the comments!

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