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Selena and Taylor

Selena and Taylor in 2012, but their womance stays alive.
Photo: Getty Images

Whether you're all cartoon hearts or ridin' solo, this week the links are all about LURVE.

• According to Selena Gomez, BFF Taylor Swift throws “Lonely Girls Club” parties for all her single friends where they eat junk food and play with Meredith, and it maybe looks like this. {Perez Hilton}

• A new trailer for the thousandth film adaptation of Romeo & Juliet just surfaced, but this one features an unshorn and pantyhosed Chuck Bass! {Jezebel}

Leandra Medine released her new book, Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls, in which she discusses white ankle socks, harem pants, and, erm, crotchal mishaps while surfing the crimson wave. {Fashionista}

• Media mogul-in-the-making Tavi Gevinson might be falling out of love with fashion. She dishes about her ever-evolving interests, her duties as EIC of Rookie, and taking time to, you know, just be a teenager.

{Ad Week}

Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding get cute and cuddly as on-screen lovahs (wearing nothing but bed sheets) in their music video for “I Need Your Love." {Calvin Harris VEVO}

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