Selena Gomez Awesomely Matches Glittery Gold Nails To iPhone Case

Selena Gomez iPhone case nails

Selena Gomez and her iPhone case!
Photo: @SelenaGomez's Twitter

Just when we thought we'd seen everything, Selena Gomez comes along and stuns once again! Last night, she posted a mirror selfie Twitpic that showed off her super-glam gold glitter stiletto nails (which she rocked at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend) paired with—get this—a matching iPhone case. And we're not talking about any ol' case here, folks, we're talking about an exact glitter-on-glitter match. Had we not known better, we would've thought she got this bad boy custom made! But, we do know she's the current face of Case-Mate (along with Fergie and Common), so we hit up their website ASAP to see if we, too, could sport this whole coordinating hand-and-case steez. And, yep, upon arrival there's Selena's 'dorbs little face holding a glam and glittery case for all to see.

We dug a little deeper to find the exact one she's sporting in the photo (above), and our prayers were answered, y'all—it's currently for sale on the site! It'll cost you 50 big ones (dollars, that is) to swipe up the Rose Gold Glam case, which, if you already have an iPhone 5 to put it on, should be chump change. ;) The thing we need to discuss, though, is what Sel said in her caption when she posted the pic: "Oh boy, I'm that girl... Lol." Of course no one wants to be "that" girl, but are we alone in thinking this is actually really awesome and totally not cheesy at all? I mean, coordinating your nails to your outfit is one thing, but matching them with an iPhone case is a whooole other. Personally, we're on-board with this look, and secretly, deep down we know Selena loves it too because, um, why else would she post this pic to her nearly 15 million followers? Let us know what you think about Selena's matching nails-and-case look in the comments below!

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