How To Avoid High Heels This Prom

Prom is one of the only GREAT excuses a girl gets in high school to get dressed to the nines (or whatever the lady-equivalent is of "suit and tie s***"). HOWEVER, it is also a night of dancing, standing, dancing, mobilizing from house to dinner to party to after-party, and more dancing. Point being, you're going to be on your feet. A lot. To this effect, we're taking a beat to look out for your podiatric health. We understand that some of you may be married to the idea of sticking it out in your gam-glorifying high-heeled best for your special night, but just in case you're willing to venture outside of the stiletto-shaped box, we've rounded up some of the cutest, less-ankle-breaking styles the e-retail world has to offer. PLUS, a general idea of the kind of dress that works with each shoe silhouette! *dusts shoulders off* We know. You're welcome.


prom oxfords

Switch out your high heels for oxfords this prom!
Photo: ModCloth/UrbanOutfitters/Nasty Gal

Oxfords are HUGE this season in so many prints, styles, and colorways, making now the perfect time to implement them into all your wardrobe needs. Including prom! Since there's an unmistakable menswear-ness to oxfords, we like the idea of pairing them with a hyper-feminine prom dress with a big fluffy skirt. A short one, at that. All the better to show off your boundary-pushing kicks.

+ White Prom Dress: ModCloth ($79.99)

+ Color Block Oxfords: Urban Outfitters ($150.00)

+ Printed Oxfords: Nasty Gal ($148.00)

+ Holographic Oxfords: Urban Outfitters ($186.00)


prom flatforms

Flatforms are a great alternative to heels for prom.
Photo: Topshop/ASOS

You can have the height without the blisters and foot cramps thanks to the '90s revival and *drumrollll* FLATFORMS! Whether you go for faux pumps, bold platform sandals, or a pair of punchy creepers, the variety of flatforms available is wide enough to accommodate all your prom dress needs. Since they occupy a pretty sizable amount of space, we suggest wearing them with a more fitted dress to keep your look streamlined.

+ Yellow Brocade Dress: Topshop ($118.00)

+ Flatform Pumps: ASOS ($46.55)

+ Flatform Sandals: Topshop ($70.00)

+ Flatform Creepers: ASOS ($58.19)


prom short heels

Short block heels: a little lift and a lot less pain than their higher counterparts.
Photo: ModCloth/ASOS/Zara

Not true flats but not high enough heels to have you miserable all prom long, short block heels are the perfect compromise for any girl who wants to toe the line (*ba dum TSH*) between the two shoe styles. PLUS, they come (almost exclusively) in prom-ready styles and color palettes—bright enamel solids, soft pastel metallics, and GLITTER (that's a color, right?).

+ Pink Cut-Out Dress: ModCloth ($79.99)

+ Sandal Block Heels: ASOS ($66.50)

+ Peeptoe Block Heels: Zara ($79.90)

+ Pointy-Toed Block Heels: ASOS ($58.19)

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