Karlie Kloss And Mary H.K. Choi Talk 2013 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Style [Video]

Mary H.K. Choi and Karlie Kloss talkin' style on the 2013 MTV Movie Awards red carpet.
Photo: MTV

For our 2013 Movie Awards red carpet wrap-up, me and the indomitable Karlie Kloss froze our frickin’ faceholes off in the unseasonably brisk Los Angeles climate as we chatted about the hottest fashion moments. We’re pretty much in cahoots about who we liked best. We loved Chloe Moretz’s Louis Vuitton denim dress and Karlie’s runaway favorite was Zoe Saldana’s floral, embroidered Givenchy dress with a dramatic thigh slit. Karlie and I also adored Les Miz’s Eddie Redmayne in his distressed leather moto jacket as well as Selena Gomez’s gold Julien Macdonald that featured strands of delicate beads.

The guys went high-low. Danny McBride wore a lightweight RVKA jacket and dad jeans (LET US HELP YOU DANNY, WE LOVE YOU), Seth Rogen rocked up in a cardigan and denim but Zachary Quinto pulled out all the stops in his sublime DSquared suit that fit like a damned dream. As a total aside, shooting something on-camera after you’ve liveblogged the entire red carpet procession can be nerve-wracking. You never feel prepared and in this case I felt hella windblown and I was sad that the crop of the frame seemed so focused on the unflattering squidginess of my upper arm. But then I remembered: If you just use your hand to cover Karlie for just a second second and look back at yourself, you 100% reappear as a normal person and not a disfigured knot of monster. Anyway, check out this video. We hope you had as much fun as we did ogling all the goings on the step-and-repeat. Not pictured: Karlie and I shimmying into our hoodies and parkas the nanosecond the carpets stopped rolling. Brrrr!


MTV Style | 2013 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Recap


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