See All Seven Of Rebel Wilson's 2013 MTV Movie Awards Looks!

Let's give a hearty round of applause to Rebel Wilson, everyone! Our fearless leader through the 2013 Movie Awards, Rebel wore the very heavy hosting hat with humor and grace, and literally made us laugh until our stomachs hurt. Not only did she come out of movie awards a stellar host, she also came out of the show a winner, taking home the golden popcorn in not just one but two categories, both for her role in Pitch Perfect. Rebel took home the Best Musical Moment award with her fellow cast mates AND the Breakthrough Performance award for her solo work in the film. Yay, Rebel! The show took a number of unexpected twists and turns, with our host throwing herself headfirst into some of our favorite movies AND getting into some...uh...compromising positions. All in all, Rebel wore a grand total of SEVEN outfits over the course of the show.


Rebel Wilson in her Koala Bear jumpsuit.
Photo: MTV

We found our host at the top of the show hangin' out in her native Australia, sharpening her boomerang (or something like that), with no idea she was about to be asked to host the Movie Awards. What does Rebel like to wear while chilling out in the outback? Hot pink sweatsuits with koala bears on them, apparently (but also, of course). She wore this same look in the first musical number of the show, a performance featuring her cast mates from Pitch Perfect.


Rebel Wilson as Iron Man.
Photo: MTV

"But the outback is so far from Los Angeles!" You might be saying with consternation, "how would Rebel get there so fast?" The first thing we would tell you would be to calm down, it's a TV show, and the second would be, by wearing her Iron Mangina suit, silly! Rebel took her cues from Iron Man and rocketed right over to the awards in the above suit, which was apparently "designed for Mila Kunis" but miraculously fit Rebel (and her unusually high pony tail) perfectly.


Rebel Wilson at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
Photo: MTV

What was hiding under both that Iron Mangina suit AND her pink koala look? An outfit made entirely of leather, OBVIOUSLY. Rebel broke out the big guns for her third look of the night, shaking it and performing her opening monologue in a tight, embossed leather leggings and bustier combo. The best part? She also had high tops to match.


Rebel Wilson in Les Miz.
Photo: MTV

In addition to appearing on stage in some killer looks, Rebel also got into the costumes of some of our favorite films of the year. You didn't see it in the final film, but did you know Rebel Wilson was actually in Les Miserables? She certainly looks the part...kind of.


Rebel Wilson in Life of Pi.
Photo: MTV

We know Rebel is fierce, but did we think we'd get to see her as a literal tiger? No way! Our host was TOTALLY convincing as the fearsome feline in Life Of Pi, right?


Rebel Wilson in Magic Mike.
Photo: MTV

Weeeeee think we might stick with Channing Tatum on this one, but we do love Rebel's signature dance moves as a cast member in Magic Mike. Also, that mesh top? Rihanna would most certainly approve.


Rebel Wilson's Wardrobe malfunction.
Photo: MTV

What's an award show without a wardrobe malfunction, amirite? Rebel closed out the night in an aubergine dress with a very unfortunate weakness located in a very unfortunate place, revealing a somewhat unusual (and cartoonishly faux) anatomical oddity. What a note to end on, huh? We're just glad the night's unfortunate sartorial slip up was a planned one, and didn't happen to any of our fave ladies!

What was your favorite of Rebel Wilson's Movie Awards looks?

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