Emma Watson Talks Visible Bra Straps, Uggs In 'The Bling Ring' MTV Sneak Peek Week Interview

Emma Watson is all smiles as she talks about her new film.
Photo: MTV

Could 2013 be the year of the good girl gone bad...for a movie role? We've certainly seen Emma Watson be mischievous and maybe even get a little crazy in her past roles, but if the exclusive MTV Sneak Peek clip of her upcoming film The Bling Ring is any indication, our dear Ms. Watson is about to get a lot badder. If her now infamous in-the-club-body-roll (which we now know is Beyonce-inspired) from the first trailer didn't tip you off, pole dancing in Paris Hilton's "club room" (LOL) definitely should have—our 2013 MTV Movie Awards Trailblazer Award winner is going all out in her new role. And that doesn't just mean in the dance moves department. In her interview with MTV After Hours host Josh Horowitz, Watson revealed that she had to take some sartorial risks for her Bling Ring part as well. "I can't wear this because you can see the bra straps," Emma recalled saying in the dressing room one day, as she looked at the costumes for her character, Nicki. What was her director Sofia Coppola's response? "You really need to reverse your whole world," is what Emma recalls her saying. From then on, the star, who is no slouch in the fashion department, we have to say—she wears some of our favorite looks on the red carpet, bar none—embraced all of the things that her character Nicki loves. From Uggs to neon, to everything in between.

When asked if aforementioned acceptance of this new "visible bra straps good, visible underwear good," as Emma put it, mentality, had changed her personal style, she did admit that she will now "occasionally sport some hoop earrings." She then added jokingly that "for the awards on Sunday night I'm going to walk up in some neon," which would definitely NOT make us mad. Dressing as Nicki to accept her Trailblazer award? Bring on the spirit hoods and stiletto heels, Emma! We really can't wait to see what the star is going to wear, though. One thing we do know is that she won't come upon whatever designer duds she dons at the Movie Awards via the same nefarious means that her character comes into her luxury goods, but when asked whose closet they would raid (read: rob) if they had the chance, the whole cast unanimously voted for their director Sofia. "That lady has some awesome clothes," Watson said, and we have to agree. She is one of the original founders of X-Girl, after all. The cast would also rob Rachel Bilson, one of the real-life Bling Ring targets. Again, that is, as they've already been there, done that. In the film, of course.

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