Super Cute Promposals To Inspire You To Pop The Question To Your Crush

Romance, you guys. Prom is a great many things—a chance to have one more night with all your friends before high school ends and the big, bad future swallows you up, a chance to look AMAZING in a fancy dress, you know—but it's also a big deal in terms of puppy love. Relationships and crushes alike feel SO MAJOR in high school that one slow dance can feel like you've died and gone to swoonsville and being asked to prom is a very exciting prospect. When I was in high school, I went with my best dude friend Dave, and I can't even remember how he asked me, I think we were walking through the halls after choir and he was just like, "Hey, wanna go to prom with me?" and so we did. This was before YouTube, OK? Stakes are way higher for today's prom Don Juans, though, with flash mobs, viral everything, and the internet getting all up in everyone's business. Which brings us to the topic at hand: THE PROMPOSAL. You kids these days, you're CA-UTE. Just a quick spin through the #promposal hashtag on Twitter is enough to melt the stoniest of bitter hearts—from the expected roses all over cars and hallway banners to the, well, downright weird, people are getting CREATIVE. We found a few promposals that we thought really captured the spirit of the trend, and the girls who received them were kind enough to share their photos with us!

Allison Murphy's promposal.
Photo: @alimurphy735

After doing some research on both Allison Murphy and her boyfriend Luke's twitter accounts, we have learned that they REALLY dig cereal. In particular, they're really into Barbara's Bakery Puffins. We assume that this means the two of them, you know, hang out after school and snack on cereal, so wasn't Luke being sneaky when he altered a box of their fave treat to ask his lady to be his prom date? Cute, cute, cute. Love a man who can get crafty. Also, he wore a tie (we're hoping he did it for the occasion and not as part of a school uniform) when he did it, which is so on point. Gentlemen, take note: when asking a lady to prom, make sure you look right. You hear us?

Tierney Whelan's promposal.
Photo: @tierwhales

Either Tierney Whelan's boyfriend knows that there's another man making her heart go pitter-patter or this isn't EXACTLY a real promposal. We have fantasy prom dates of our own, and let us tell you, Taylor Lautner is definitely one of them. The hunky warewolf—in cardboard stand-up form—"asked" Tierney to prom by scrawling her praises all over his arm, pinning a sheet of paper to his cardboard torso and giving her a yellow rose. Holy paper product fantasy, Taylor. We're all for dream dates, so we really hope Tierney decides to actually bring the cardboard Taylor to her prom. Not exactly like the real thing, but not too shabby either. In the case that this was actually how her BF popped the prom question: bravo, young man, bravo.

Cassie Truckle's promposal.
Photo: @cassietruckle

Finally, underclassman Cassie Truckle was totally surprised when she got asked to prom by a senior (*ooooooooh!*) but how could she refuse when he broke out his poet's quill just for her. Playing off of the brilliant blue of an iPhone case, Cassie's date penned a little ditty for her, saying, "Roses are red, this case is blue, I want to go to prom with you." Classic, right? While we don't know much more about this Ali's promposal, we're liking that he chose a totally random everyday object to use for his promposal. Get creative, dudes!

Did you have a promposal? Tell us your story in the comments!

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