5 Things We Learned From A$AP Rocky's 'The Coveteur' Closet Feature

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky for The Coveteur.
Photo: The Coveteur

As soon as you've broken the trance of A$AP Rocky's half-smile, we have serious FASHUN business to discuss. Evidence abounds that this Harlem-native is a bonafide fashion killa, and yet, with every new interview or, you know, transcribed phone call with Alexander Wang, we feel like we're learning SO MUCH about Pretty Flacko's sartorial philosophy. Honestly, a lot of the time he's dropping historical knowledge and sage style advice. It's fascinating. The Coveteur recently caught up with Rocky while on Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour in Toronto.

Earlier this week, a beauty-focused interview excerpt circulated wherein Dat PMF divulges priceless information about daily exfoliating, cleansing his face with Witch Hazel, his hair care regime, and his opinions on ladies wearing makeup. As if that wasn't illuminating enough, Coveteur has just dropped ROCKY'S FULL CLOSET FEATURE. There are Kenzo flat brims on cutting boards. There are Goyard bags on wardrobes. Best of all, though, there's another highly informative interview. Highlights include Rocky's casual mention of Alessandro Dell'Acqua amidst Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior without dropping a beat, and these are the five things we learned.

1.) There is a real strategy to Rocky's flyness: "[W]hat the smartest thing to do is take something from a collection and what you do is you wear it now and then seven months from now you put it away in the archives and then bring it out three years later. And it's like, you can't go on eBay and find this, you can't go anywhere."

2.) He means it when he says he's a HUGE fan of fashion, going to great lengths to track stuff down and reaping the benefits of influential friends: "I remember one time I went to Craigslist to find something; that's how bad I wanted it. It was a pair of Raf Simons—this was like 2010. But he said he was going to make them for me."

3.) Macklemore's not the only MC who love thrifting: "I mean, you got to realize I come from the mentality of a scavenger shopper, meaning that I used to go to retail places and consignment places and get high-end clothes for cheap, and I still do."

4.) Rocky credits his vast fashion knowledge in part to the world wide web: "Think about it, in like 2004, the Internet wasn't the biggest source of fashion information. It was going to Soho and stuff, you know? You go past the stores, and then you go into retail places like Bergdorf's and Saks. It's like, 'OK, well I’m used to wearing Dolce and Dior,' and then it's like, 'Holy shit, what is this new brand? Alessandro Dell'Acqua! Oh, OK, let me check it out, let me just try and see what it's about.' And you do your research and then that's how it happens and that's how you get into brands. I've been doing that since the age of 14. By the time you're 24, ten years later..."

5.) But at the end of the day, he makes his purchases at brick-and-mortar stores: "When you shop online, you get it and you’re like damn, it doesn't even fit right, I should have got a smaller size or a bigger size, or it looked better on the model guy on the pictures. I think shopping online is just good for the previews: This is new and when I get to the store I have to look out for that, you know. Sometimes I shop online, but I'm not a big online shopper."

{via The Coveteur}

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