Guys, Here's How To Make Sneakers Formal For Prom

Hey guys! Yes, we're talking to YOU. We all know that prom is a special occasion, a formal event, something you'll remember forever, yadda yadda yadda, but who says you can't be comfortable all night long while you're at it? Proving that prom doesn't have to be stuffy, this week we showed all the dudes out there how to look slick minus the traditional tuxedo action, and now we're taking things a step further (heh) with the very best sneakers to wear to prom. Believe it or not, your favorite casual brands CAN work with formalwear—it's just a matter of how you style 'em. Hey, if Frank Ocean, Logan Lerman, and Russell Westbrook can do it, why can't you? So get the lowdown below... you can thank us later.


Frank Ocean looks sharp in black lowtops at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images/Mr. Porter

When it comes to classy sneakers, it really doesn't get more understated and cool than Common Projects. Luxe and subtle, these black leather lace-ups bring an extra dose of style anywhere... even your high school dance floor. While they're definitely not cheap at $390 a pop, Frank Ocean proves that this slick number is definitely worth saving up for. Start counting your pennies now!


Logan Lerman shows how to pull off Vans with a classic suit in 'Teen Vogue'.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Teen Vogue'/Amazon

Here's the thing about Vans shoes: honestly, these babies look just as good with a suit as they do scuffed up on the skate park. Don't believe us? Just check out Logan Lerman, who gave his otherwise-formal outfit a streetwear edge in Teen Vogue, and it's all thanks to Vans' Unisex Skate Shoes. If there were a "Most Valuable Player" section in your closet, these super-versatile kicks just might be it.


Russell Westbrook tops off his print-tastic look with Air Jordans.
Photo: @RussWess44 Instagram/ Nike

It's an indisputable fact around these parts that Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook KNOWS his fashion stuff, and he's the latest in a long line of stylish dudes to rock Air Jordans with a spiffed-up suit. Following in the well-tread footsteps of Mr. Kanye West, who sported his Air Jordan VI Infrareds with a gold number and his Air Yeezy 2s with a red suit, Russell rocked his Air Jordan V Tokyo23s with another statement outfit. This time, the pattern-loving athlete chose a brown suit jacket and camo pants. But you don't have to go for allover prints and kaleidoscopic colors with these high-tops if you don't want to, as they're pretty freaking eye-popping on their own. Although Russell's particular style is exclusive to Japan (lame, we know), there's NO shortage of rad alternatives, like these Royal Blue Air Jordan Retro High OGs. Welp, there you go! Proof that comfort and style DON'T have to be mutually exclusive.

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