Selena Gomez 'Stan Swag': Show True Selenator Style At Your 2013 MTV Movie Awards Viewing Party

Selena Gomez Stan Swag

Selena Gomez Stan Swag.
Photo: Amazon/Baghdad Battery/Society6/Etsy

Selenators, rejoice! In mere days, your queen Selena Gomez will be taking to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards stage to perform her new single, "Come & Get It." The "earthy" performance promises to be one of the night's highlights, and for you, dear Sel stans, we think it's fair to guess that it will be your favorite moment. While you've probably already started planning your viewing party (and if you haven't, chop chop!), we scoured the internet for some Selena-inspired stuff to really take it to the next level. While we suggest creating your own DIY "S-E-L-E-N-A" banner to welcome your guests, there are even more killer ways to show your love for the Spring Breakers star.

First of all, you have to dress the part. The Baghdad Battery Selena Como Me Duele racerback tank top ($24.00) was actually created in homage to the late, legendary Selena Quintanilla, but she is Gomez's namesake, so we feel wearing the top to SEL-ebrate (sorry, we couldn't help it) our girl's new single is totally appropriate. Since we're focusing on what you'll be wearing first, you can accessorize your tank with a hand-made bottle cap pendant ($8.00) from Etsy. Now that you're lookin' fly, we have to start on your digs. It would be awesome if the real Selena could stop by your party, but since she'll be busy doing other things (like, you know, performing in front of millions on national television) a cardboard cut out is the next best thing (and totally not creepy at all, we swear). The Alex Russo Cardboard Standup ($39.95) is a throwback to her Disney days, so that way everyone will know that you've been with Sel from the beginning. You also want to show that you're supportive of Selena's new, more mature ventures, and a casual Spring Breaker by Def29 throw pillow cover ($20.00) is a chill way to say you're down with the gritty Selena without having to wear a ski mask. You'll also want to rep for Team Sel, and an iPhone case celebrating her infamous "Well, that makes two of us" quote from Letterman ($35.00) will certainly show the Beliebers where your loyalties lie.

Will you be rocking any stan swag for Selena's 2013 Movie Awards performance on Sunday night?

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