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Beyoncé's Pepsi Commercial

Beyoncé's nail game in her Pepsi commercial.
Photo: Courtesy of Pepsi's Youtube Page

This week the links are all about sneak peeks, inside looks, and living vicariously.

• Suffice it to say, emulating anything Beyoncé is a considerable feat, but the Melody Ehsani-designed nail wraps that Bey wore in her Pepsi commercial are actually available to us mere worshipers AND a manageable $16! {InStyle}

CFDA and Tumblr just launched a series where top fashion bloggers get to visit the not-so-humble digs of famed designers. Internet and a little inspiration, man! 'Sall you need! {Fashionista}

• Even if your festival-ready wares won't make it to Indio this weekend, you can livestream Coachella fo' free thanks to the event's official channel on the Tube of You. {Refinery 29}

• Whether or not bright prints and prep-school togs fit your style, Lilly Pulitzer's passing is an important moment in fashion. These old-school photos prove she was the living embodiment of her brand. {The Cut}

• And in news of vastly-unnecessary-but-remarkably-impressive architectural feats, one NYC penthouse boasts an 80-foot serpentine SLIDE coursing through its living room. {Jezebel}

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