Karlie Kloss And Josh Horowitz Defeat Pushy Paparazzi For The 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Karlie Kloss gives Josh Horowitz a beauty makeover during red carpet training for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
Photo: MTV

The road to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards have been long and paved with challenges for our pre-show correspondents Karlie Kloss and Josh Horowitz. They started off trying to snatch up that big star with "Operation: Chasing Channing," then Josh decided he needed a hair makeover with MAJOR help from Karlie in "Operation: Horrible Hair." Once that snafu had been tackled, Josh realized that he still had to deal with the horrors of not just getting in front of the camera, but an HD one at that, and again Karlie came to the rescue in "Operation: Host Beauty Training." Now it's the final day of basic training and the pair have one more hurdle to get over. It's Karlie's turn in the hot seat, and it's time for Josh to use his expertise as a seasoned red carpet reporter to teach Karlie how to handle one of the less predictable elements. What element would that be, you ask? Well, let us just tell you the name of our correspondents' final mission: "Operation: Pushy Paparazzi."

Karlie may be an expert at navigating the photographers fighting for her photograph outside of the shows each season, but as far as trying to interview a celeb through the crush of cameras? She's a little out of her element. Luckily, Josh has navigated carpets from movie premieres all the way to the MTV Video Music Awards, so he can finally be the teacher in this red carpet boot camp. Do you think our correspondents are ready to rock the pre-show, Sunday April 14th at 8:30 PM E.T.? Watch their final red carpet boot camp lesson and decide!

Head over to MovieAwards.MTV.com to vote for your favorite flicks now! The 22nd annual MTV Movie Awards air live Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET.


Operation: Pushy Paparazzi


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