Coachella Style Inspired By Your Favorite Bands

Whether you're going to weekend one or weekend two, there's no denying that Coachella is upon us. That's right, the yearly celebration of bandeau tops, headbands, and...wait, it's about the music? Oh right, we forgot, sorry. Sometimes it can feel like our favorite festivals get a little lost amid all the celeb sightings and street style snaps, but we are a style blog after all and honey, we know you want to look good no matter what. In the true spirit of Coachella, we decided to build a series of looks inspired by some of our favorite bands playing the fest. After all, it's not next-level nerdy (like wearing a band's t-shirt to their show *collar tug*) to dress thematically, right?!


Vibe right to Kurt Vile in easy chambray.
Photo: Nasty Gal/Marais/Etsy/Madewell/Forever 21/Urban Outfitters

I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that Wakin' On a Pretty Daze is one of the best albums of the year. If you're not familiar with Philly longhair Kurt Vile, familiarize yourself right quick because your life will never be the same. The album is filled with sweeping, chilled out guitar jams that make us feel as warm and fuzzy as a springtime crush, and we just know that seeing Vile play the songs live in the desert will be a moment worth swooning over. For enjoying some Vile in style, you'll want to make sure you have your vibes right. The Summer Feeling Dress ($88.00) from Nasty Gal is a way to wear denim while still feeling breezy, and paired with Marais' field boot ($92.50) you'll be ready for whatever adventurous path the night should take. Of course if we're talking about vibes you need to have your crystals on lock, and this raw rose quartz necklace ($38.00) from Etsy will protect you against anyone or anything that should try and send a bummer your way. Accessories should be kept to a minimum in the hot summer sun, so a simple pink seed bead bracelet ($9.99) from Madewell and a red accented threaded belt ($6.80) will provide a pop of color to keep you from blending in too much with the sky and the earth. Finally, some sunnies, like the SUPER Lucia Puma Sunglasses ($269.00) and a simple cross body bag--so your hands are free to hold tight to whoever makes you feel aforementioned spring crush feelings--like the the Essex Minibag ($98.00) is perfect for carrying anything you might need.


Be dance ready in whimsical looks inspired by Grimes.
Photo: ASOS/Urban Outfitters/Nasty Gal/Topshop

If super chill isn't so much your scene, and you're looking to get a little more dance-y this weekend, you're probably super stoked to see Grimes. One of our all time favorite wearers of baby bangs, the Canadian electro-pop sorceress puts on an incredible show, and as such you're going to want to be able to move. Grimes is a big fan of the internet (which you'll know if you read her awesome tumblr) and all of its accompanying whimsy, so you won't want to take your look TOO seriously. Starting with the Lazy Oaf Exclusive Leopards Body-Conscious Dress ($49.88), and adding an oversized Levi's Denim Vest ($118.00) will ensure that you can dance to your heart's content and not be too hot or too worried about restrictive clothing. As a nod to aforementioned internet fondness you can accessorize with Nasty Gal's Emoji Stud Earrings ($8.00), and Hologram Satchel $48.00, and finish the look off with a pair of lace up boots like the Topshop Chunky Canvas Boots ($110.00)


Bring New York City cool to the desert, inspired by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Photo: Urban Outfitters/American Apparel/Marais/Topshop/Ray Ban

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a quintessential New York City band, but it can be hard to translate that gritty city wardrobe to the desert. New York is all about creating a shield between yourself and the world, with denim, leather, and layers as your armor. The desert, on the other hand, provokes the opposite sartorial impulse, inspiring movement, light, and certainly not heavy fabrics. New Yorkers can do heat when we have to, though, and so we took the staples of the New York wardrobe and cut them up, shortened them and voila! an urban uniform fit for the desert. Of course you gotta have black denim, so we built the look around the Urban Renewal Overdyed Cutoff Short in black ($44.00) topped with a grey Poly-Cotton Form Fit Crop Tee ($25.00). You also gotta have leather, so classic black chelsea boots like Marais' Beatle boot ($140.00) are just the ticket, and a grey bucket bag like the Topshop Ribbed Sporty Duffle Bag ($150.00) pulls the whole look together. Oh, and you have to have your Wayfarers ($200.00) Never let them see your eyes.


Fairfax meets festival, inspired by Earl Sweatshirt.
Photo: Urban Outfitters/House Of Ladosha/Nike

We love all members of Odd Future equally, but we have a special place in our hearts for Earl Sweatshirt. The once missing member of the OF crew is back in action and will be taking the stage at Coachella, and to celebrate his return we wanted to put together a look that would be as at home on LA's Fairfax Boulevard, where the Odd Future boys like to hang out and light Palm Trees on fire, as it would in the desert. Everybody loves a black skater skirt, and the Kimchi Blue Soft Woven Full Skirt ($39.00) is light and simple. To step it up a notch, we suggest tucking in House Of Ladosha's constellation tee ($25.00), and layering an army vest like the BDG Embellished Utility Vest ($79.00). Obviously no Fairfax-inspired look would be complete without a solid pair of sneaks, and the Nike Dunk Sky Hi ($125) sneaker wedges put a new spin on a classic.

What band are you most excited to see at Coachella?

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