Etsy Prom Dresses: Because High School Isn't Hard Enough Already

Hey guys!! *waves from within a thicket of sequins and tulle* How is prom season treating you? Well, I hope. Here at MTV Style, we've made it our mission to supply you with a comprehensive guide to THE school dance of all school dances, from prom dresses on the über-cheap to celeb-worthy hairstyles and even a few fashion tips for dudes. It's been pretty standard fare for the most part—pastel, sparkle, pretty little things. That is, until now. Brace yourselves, people. I'm about to steer our prom coverage into the weird and wonderful world of ETSY!

Before we dive all the way in, a little disclaimer: this is a post wherein I am going to show you things I found on Etsy, and we all pretend together about what it would be like if someone hypothetically wore them to prom. Am I suggesting you yourself wear these dresses? No. Am I suggesting you avoid these dresses and any other permutation of each ensemble's general idea? Interestingly enough, also, no. Being that THIS is what I wore to my own prom (in high school, I was really into classics, translation: ZZZzzzzzzz), I'm probably the last person who should be telling anyone to wear a burger dress to any place. That said, if you have the lady cojones to hit the dance floor in "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun," then by all means, please do it. And send us pics. Now, let's go!


Etsy Prom

Would you dare to wear a hamburger dress to prom?
Photo: Courtesy of FELTUPCLOTHES' Etsy shop

At its core, this is a midi dress featuring a full skirt with multi-colored tiers. It just so happens that the order of those colors and tiers markedly resemble a cheeseburger. Actually, no, that was the entire aim of this Burger Queen dress. Plus, this thing has eyes and menacing eyebrows, making it not just a burger but a burger monster. Genius. We should warn you, though, this retails at the meaty price of $225.00, so you best be serious.


Etsy Prom

Would you dare to wear a shark dress to prom?
Photo: Courtesy of FELTUPCLOTHES' Etsy shop

If dressing as food isn't your thing, the very same Etsy shop, FELTUPCLOTHES, also has a shark yarn dress! At the slightly more digestible price of $175.00, this little number features a light blue yarn miniskirt with a felt bustier paying homage to the Jaws movie poster. If you're thinking to yourself, "This totally looks like something Nicki Minaj would wear," you'd be right! FELT UP has actually created custom pieces for the Queen Barb, so if you end up copping one of these looks for prom, be sure to work that little tidbit of info into your party conversation.


Etsy Prom

Would you dare to wear a tentacle dress to prom?
Photo: Courtesy of collectivechaos' Etsy shop

Feeling the nautical tip but think that shark thing is too whimsical? How about a sinister octopus-inspired dress in black and bordeaux? We found this Latex Ursula Tentacle gown, and immediately did a double-take. The cut isn't entirely unexpected, but when the fabric and print are this niche-y, you've gotta streamline things somewhere.


Etsy Prom

Would you dare to wear a "My Little Pony" dress to prom?
Photo: Courtesy of devowevoshop's Etsy shop

Finally, we present to you this My Little Pony Unicorn dress. We're gonna assume this isn't official licensed MLP merch, but we don't even really care. From the giant pink unicorn applique across the entire front to the holographic, star-speckled fabric base, this look all but screams Katy Perry, AMIRITE?? If '90s-raver-meets-saccharine-cuteness is your personal steez OR your prom date is Andrew W.K. (the King of Bronies), this is probably the look for you. Or someone? IDKIDK, guys, I just thought these were fun to look at. BYE.

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