Selena Gomez Is Making Us Want Clear Accessories For Spring

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is making us want clear accessories.
Photo: Courtesy of @selenagomez's Twitter/Forever 21/Topshop/Karmaloop

You guys. A thing happened. More specifically, Selena Gomez tweeted this picture of herself serving duck face (yes, again) wearing a pair of clear glasses, and now, we can't stop daydreaming about clear accessories. I know what you're thinking, "You guys should really maybe take a break from stalking celebrities' Twitter accounts and over-analyzing their wardrobes." Oh, and also, "aren't all glasses clear?" Well, to your first comment, I extend a cordial head nod but shrug off your unsolicited advice because helloooo, that's our bread and butter, YA HEARD?!?? As far as your question, let me clarify. Not only are the 2013 MTV Movie Awards performer's lenses clear, her frames are, too!

Our quest for transparent finishing touches started right where Selly dropped us off: with glasses. From there, we went a step further, to sunglasses. Clear frames are everywhere in a variety of shapes, styles, and even lens colors. Some take the continuity of Selena's OG see-through pair and apply it to different tints like this light blue pair from Forever 21 ($5.80). A clear brow area can update a pair of classic clubmasters ($32.00) or balance out a colorful mirrored lens ($20.00), but most of all, it's just a really good excuse to nab some cute new shades—these round lenses ($28.00) are at the top of our list!

clear shoes

We are definitely into these clear shoes.
Photo: Urban Outfitters/Karmaloop/Forever 21

Your peepers aren't the only body parts that can benefit from the clear trend. There are a TON of shoe options utilizing clear panels, straps, and heels. Dare to bare all in fully transparent short wellies $39.00) or ankle boots ($123.00). Or opt for a little subtlety with a strap or two with flat ($19.80) or heeled sandals ($119.00).

clear purses

Better watch what you put into these clear bags!
Photo: ASOS/202Factory/SSENSE/Walmart

The funny thing about clear bags is the stuff you carry with you become part of your look. Being able to see what you're looking for is a huge time-saver, but it's also kind of an edict (or an excuse depending on your outlook) to keep your ish tidy. Nowadays, there's a bag style and size for all your toting needs from perpex satchels ($33.23) to clear clutches ($320.00), from transparent Marc by Marc messengers ($230.00) to see-through knapsacks ($9.00).

clear accessories

These accessories may be see-through, but they make a big statement.
Photo: Zappos/Topshop/Urban Outfitters

Last but certainly not least, we're sending up a big ol' trend flare for clear jewelry. Lucite bangles and baubles do not come cheap, but in this case, we can rationalize a splurge for one really excellent piece. Why? Because clear goes with *drumrolllll* EVERYTHING. It's just a matter of picking your poison. A see-through watch ($125.00)? A fake-out floating bangle ($108.00)? Or (our personal fave) a funky clear collar necklace ($35.00)?

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