Justin Bieber Brings Back Signature 'Hair Flip'

Justin Bieber

The 2010 iteration of Justin Bieber's iconic "hair flip."
Photo: Getty Images

Whoawhoawhoawhoa. Beliebers, are you all still standing?? In case you missed it, the biggest tonsorial watercooler talk of the moment is the fact that this weekend Justin Bieber brought back the hair flip look that became such a signature for him during the "Baby" years. Rather than the forehead-baring pompadours he adopted for his foray into adulthood, Biebs let his hair down this past Friday, sweeping it across his dome for a meet and greet in Dortmund, Germany. Truth be told, between all the flat brim hats and gas masks, we haven't seen much of Justin's hair in the wild (save the occasional "morning hair" selfie), so any snap of the dude's IRL mane is going to send us (and all his fans) into a bit of frenzy. What makes this an especially buzzworthy topic is the latent Miley hair-ness of this updated 2013 "hair flip."

The OG "hair flip" seemed to ascribe to the idea that hair grows out from the center of the head like some kind of human willow tree and is meant to be swirled around the dome in a full-360. The new version Biebs debuted in Dortmund, however, combs all the silky strands forward but only swoops the bangs to the side. There is a difference, and it's a big one. While some are classifying the new look as a "haircut," we're pretty sure this short-on-the-sides, extra-long-on-the-top situation is the very same style he's been applying fistfuls of pomade to for months. The difference here, to us, is just the styling. What we think is most interesting, though, is how the new steez reveals to us that Miley Cyrus' shocking platinum pixie was perhaps/MAYBE/we have 0% proof/possibly modeled after the same cut as Bieber. WHAAAAAT. *mind blown*


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