Fresh Spring Sneakers To Up Your Warm Weather Shoe Game

There are three profoundly important things about spring: 1. Mini Eggs 2. Bubbles and 3. New sneakers. This has been true since the dawn of time. Springtime, aka New Sneakertime, is by far the most exciting season of the year to add sauce to your shoe game, because after months of slush and glum there's nothing better than to greet Mister Sun with a fresh pair of runners. Sun's like, "your feet look fly," and you're like, "DUH I KNOW, NOW KEEP SHININ'" and your walk becomes a strut (or if you're wearing the proper sneaker, possibly even a strut-run); the grass is green and the pavement is clean and if you ever wanted to know what glory feels like, this is it. It's eye-popping colorways, it's that new sneaker smell, and it's the extra pep in yo step. So whether you're a sneakerhead or not, we gathered some kicks that will add a little "daaaaammmnn" to your everyday garb - no matter what your mood.


Throwbacks + color = true love forever.
Photo: Clockwise from left: Adidas SL 72, Nike Air Max 1, New Balance Yacht Club 574, Packer Shoes x Reebok Classic Leather

Throwbacks are key for any season, but when spring rolls around you gotta jump on that color train. We're the luckiest ducks around, because Nike provides us with about one billion Air Max 1 colorway options, including this little white/blue glow/volt number. New Balance's Yacht Club 574 is available in several high-octane combinations, but we think these ones are particularly GRAPE. (Don't hate us.) Jersey's Packer Shoes celebrates the 30th anniversary of Reebok's Classic Leather with a bright twist, and if you're feeling dainty, Adidas SL 72 runners are a wonderfully ladylike choice.

+ Adidas SL 72 ($75)

+ New Balance ($70)

+ Packer Shoes x Reebok ($129)

+ Nike Air Max 1 ($149)


When you embrace high tops, you embrace the heavens.
Photo: Clockwise from left: Nike Sky Hi Obsidians, Converse Chuck Taylor Stonewashed Canvas, Nike Dunk Highs, vintage Pack Reebok Freestyle Highs

Your choice of high top can say many things. Are you an around the way girl? Are you the HBIC in this joint? Are you the coolest mothafussa on the planet? Are you lazy, yet ambitious? Your choice of shoe will say it all. For example, these Stonewashed Canvas Chuck Taylors say, "I skipped breakfast today, but I don't even care because everything is awesome." These delicate swan/mint Dunks say, "I'm feeling pretty today...PRETTY SASSY." These vintage pack Reebok Freestyle Highs are all, "Phuckyo Olivia Newton John steez," and finally, these obsidian Nike Sky Hi wedges don't even have to say anything at all.

+ Nike Sky Hi ($125)

+ Converse ($60)

+ Reebok ($125)

+ Nike Dunk Swan/Mint ($100-$200)


Chill sneaks, bra.
Photo: Clockwise from left: Onitsuka Tiger Corcovado Runner, Gram 352G Aquarium Pack, Vans Van Doren Authentic Slim, Vans Custom Culture Pack

For the most chill-est of moods, for the days when everything is laid-back and easy (or you want it to feel that way), low-key sneakers are essential closet items. Take advantage of the patterns that are sweeping the nation with these colorful nuggets. The Onitsuka Tiger Corcovado Runner is perfectly slipper-like, the Gram 352G Aquarium Pack kindly invokes tropical memories, Vans' Van Doren Authentic Slim gets feisty with florals and Vans' Custom Culture Pack was designed by students at New Mexico's Rio Rancho High School.

+ Onitsuka Tiger Corcovado Runner ($130)

+ Gram 352G Aquarium Pack ($70)

+ Van Doren Authentic Slim ($55)

+ Vans Custom Culture ($65)

So, time for secrets: have you already picked up your fresh pair? (or two? or three?)

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