The Best Photo Apps To Spice Up Your Prom Pictures

The time has come for us to talk tech. With prom inching ever closer, we want you feeling fully prepped when you step down the stairs and off into the night. Lucky for you, this kind of prep doesn’t require an over-sized purse packed full of electronics. Without totally dating us, when we were going to prom, we were forced to lug around our parents hulking huge digital cameras to snap quality pics. The added baggage was such a downer, especially when we were boogieing on the dance floor, but guys! It’s 2013! The future! And now most of us are lucky enough to be carrying around these amazing mini computers in our pockets. All hail the iPhone, the saint of communication and savior of quality mobile images (we heart Androids too!). With a little lipstick and your trusty phone stocked with these awesome apps, you’re good to go. Check 'em out below!


Iggy Azalea loves the Drake Photo Booth.
Photo: Iggy Azalea's Instagram

Dateless on prom? Have no fear, Drake Photo Booth ($.99) is here. Part goofy, part great, this app provides you with a variety of Drizzy M************ Drakes to lay over your prom pics. Hey, might as well create some imaginary memories too!


Leonardo DiCatrio, as seen with the VSCO app.
Photo: MTV

VSCO ($1.29) is a grown-up version of Instagram that's just as user-friendly but with more detailed control. This app creates high quality, beautiful images every single time. There’s a reason all your favorite bloggers use it!


More Leonardo, this time with Diptic.
Photo: MTV

How many photos are you going to take at prom? Hundreds? Thousands? Create detailed collages of your images with Diptic ($.99) and then export them to Instagram, Twitter, or FB!


Our Associate Editor Maud gets down on the dance floor.
Photo: MTV

How many times have we crammed five girlfriends into a meant-for-two photobooth only to realize we’re without dollar bills? Pocketbooth ($.99) snaps three or four simultaneous pics and allows you to export and share socially with a single click. With five photo effects and a ton of detail control, you’ll never have to fight over who gets the single sheet again.


She wears her sunglasses at night.
Photo: MTV

GIF Shop ($.99) is the simplest and most straightforward way to make GIFs with your own photos! Take a series of snapshots, press play, and voila! A fully animated GIF that you can share socially or send as a text message.


Cat In Mexico, Repix.
Photo: MTV

Repix (free!) is part photo editor, part paintbrush. This app lets you add artistic effects to your photos. From sun flares to comic book dots to spray paint drips, turn your prom pics into edgy works of art.


Leo loves Harry the most.
Photo: MTV

I’d Cap That ($1.99) is a hilarious (warning: totally raunchy) app that creates random captions on demand and lays them over your prom pics.


Throwback Thursday, Postagram style.
Photo: MTV

Postagram (free!) is a snail mail app that connects with your Instagram and sends postcards with a punch-out picture! For only a dollar a card, it’s the perfect morning after app to send sweet memories to your date, your friends, or your across-the-country Grandparents who are dying to see your dress.

What are you waiting for? Get downloading! And when you've snapped lots of goodies with these great apps, tweet your best pics to @MTVStyle so we can relive the memories, sans bulky camera.

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