What Does Mariah Carey's 'Dreams' Perfume Smell Like? Food, Apparently

Mariah Carey Dreams Fragrance

Mariah Carey in her Dreams fragrance campaign.
Photo: Via Mariah Carey's Facebook

Ever since Mariah Carey released her twelfth (yes, twelfth!) fragrance "Dreams" nearly a month ago, I couldn't stop thinking about it. The American Idol judge/all-around diva described the scent as a mix of vanilla, honeysuckle, and salted caramel apple, which represented her transition "from childhood to performing on the world's stage, to being in love, to feeling loved." Needless to say, I was intrigued—intrigued enough, in fact, to actually take this scent for a spin. Like, IRL. The bottle came in a purple box complete with her Category 5 wind-blown campaign photo (above) and inside lay the oh-so-fitting butterfly-adorned fragrance. Much to the avail of my nearby co-workers, I doused myself in the stinky stuff and took to the streets, er, cubicles to find out what others thought about her new scent. The catch? I didn't give them any hints as to who made it/where it came from, and this is what they said.

Before I even left my seat, fellow MTV Style writers Maud Deitch and Gaby Wilson, who (unfortunately) sit by me, immediately spotted the scent wafting from my direction. Maud said, "It smells like a mall in here," while Gaby stated, "It made it over to me, and it smells like type 2 diabetes." Ouch. Rachel Brodsky and Michael Depland from MTV Buzzworthy said it smelled like "if a lower-end department store had a bakery" and that it's just straight-up "not appealing," respectively. Michael said it smelled like a "seasoned lady," and when I asked who he thought made it, he said Mariah Carey! BAM. Kelci Shipley said it reminded her of "all the Victoria's Secret perfumes combined," while Chelsea Welsh said, it smelled "obnoxiously girly." Producer Jason Mitchell agreed that "it's sugary, sweet, girly and rainbow-y" and associate producer Charles Goetz said it smelled like someone who is "confused about how old they are—like Avril Lavigne." Oddly enough, PA Craig Nadler said the same thing: "Is it Carly Rae Jepsen? In reality she's 26 or 27, but comes off as way younger." Across the board everyone agreed it's a non-subtle scent for younger girls that reminds them of cupcakes or candy. The bottom line: Swipe Mariah Carey's perfume if you want to smell like a girly tween who just seriously OD'ed on desserts. To buy her scent, hit up Kohls.com right this second!

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